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  • Terrorism in Indonesia: Suicide Bombings at 3 Churches & Police HQ in Surabaya & Riau

    On Sunday morning (13/05) terrorists struck three churches in Surabaya (East Java) when Sunday morning services were about to start or were ongoing. By 14:00 pm local time on Monday police confirmed 15 deaths (including the six terrorists) and 45 injured people (who are being treated in local hospitals). However, over the past hours these numbers have been rising and therefore there is a chance they will rise further in the next couple of hours as developments proceed and more information becomes available.

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  • Radical Islam in Indonesia: Lone Wolf Attack in Catholic Church

    The 17-year-old Ivan Armadi who tried to kill a Catholic priest and detonate a self-made bomb during the Sunday service (28/08) in a church in Medan (North Sumatra) is one example of the Islamic State sympathizers that are present in Indonesia. Although the police investigation indicates that there are no direct links between Armadi and existing militant networks within Indonesia or abroad, the case shows that there are so-called "lone-wolves" in Indonesia who are inspired by radical Islamic doctrine and can learn to make bombs from the Internet.

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