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Berita Hari Ini Rupiah Exchange Rate

  • Indonesia's Rupiah Set to Post Best Weekly Gain in Over a Decade

    The Indonesian rupiah is having one of its strongest days in recent history. By 13:00 pm local Jakarta time, the rupiah had appreciated 3.90 percent to IDR 13,346 per US dollar (Bloomberg Dollar Index). After the release of the Federal Reserve's FOMC minutes on Thursday (08/10), emerging markets assets have strengthened robustly on speculation that the Fed will not raise US interest rates anytime soon. Rebounding commodity prices also support the performance of the rupiah. Indonesia's currency is set to post its best weekly gain in more than a decade.

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  • Fed Minutes Released, Indonesian Stocks & Rupiah Strengthen

    After the release of the minutes of the Federal Reserve's 16-17 September policy meeting (FOMC), Indonesian assets (rupiah and stocks) strengthened significantly on Friday (09/10). The minutes, released on Thursday (08/10), show that the US central bank prefers to postpone a US interest rate hike for now in order to wait for additional information that informs whether the US economic growth outlook will not deteriorate due to global conditions. Moreover, US inflation remains stuck at low levels (far below the Fed's 2 percent target) due to lower oil prices and the strong US dollar.

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  • Bank Indonesia: Foreign Exchange Reserves Fell to $101.7 Billion in September

    The central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) announced on Wednesday (07/10) that the country's foreign exchange reserves had fallen to USD $101.7 billion at the end of September 2015 (from USD $105.3 billion in the preceding month). The reserve assets declined due to the servicing of government foreign debt and rupiah exchange rate stabilization efforts. Until Friday (02/10), the rupiah was plagued by severe pressure caused by looming higher US interest rates.

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  • Indonesia Financial Market Update: Rupiah Gains most in 7 Years, Stocks Climb

    Indonesia's rupiah and Malaysia's ringgit led gains among emerging market currencies in Asia on Wednesday (07/10) on the back of capital inflows (triggered by an expected delay in higher US interest rates), better-than-expected Malaysian export data and higher oil prices. The Indonesian rupiah appreciated 2.95 percent to IDR 13,821 per US dollar (Bloomberg Dollar Index), the strongest gain in seven years. Meanwhile, yields on ten- and 15-year Indonesian government bonds fell to 8.710 percent and 8.870 percent, respectively.

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  • Indonesian Rupiah Update: Markets' Confidence Restored in the Rupiah?

    Investors' confidence in Indonesia's rupiah restored over the past three days after markets began to believe that the US Federal Reserve has little scope to raise its key Fed Fund Rate this year (due to weak US non-farm payrolls and US ISM non-manufacturing PMI). Bank Indonesia's role should also be highlighted. Indonesia's central bank intervened heavily (through currency swaps and by using its foreign exchange reserves) to stabilize and keep the currency from weakening toward and beyond the IDR 15,000 per US dollar level. This tells investors that Bank Indonesia will not allow a worse decline.

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  • Perjalanan ‘Roller Coaster’ Saham & Rupiah Indonesia. Apa yang Terjadi Hari Ini?

    Saham-saham Indonesia mengalami sebuah perjalanan ‘roller coaster’ pada hari Selasa (29/09). Setelah waktu pembukaan, Indeks Harga Saham Gabungan (IHSG) jatuh lebih dari 2% mendekati level terendah selama tiga tahun terakhir. Kendati begitu, indeks ini berhasil ditutup pada 4.178,41 poin dalam perdagangan hari ini, naik 1,41%. Sementara itu, rupiah berhasil memotong kerugiannya. Berdasarkan Bloomberg Dollar Index, rupiah melewati batas Rp 14.800 per dollar Amerika Serikat (AS) beberapa kali namun pada akhir hari hanya melemah 0,11% menjadi Rp 14.691 per dollar AS.

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  • Pertamina Mendukung Rupiah dengan Memotong Pembelian Langsung Forex di Pasar

    Dalam rangka mendukung rupiah yang sedang lemah, Badan Usaha Milik Negara (BUMN) Pertamina akan memotong pembelian langsung foreign exchange (forex) di pasar sebanyak sekitar 50%. Pertamina bersama dengan BUMN Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) berkontribusi sekitar setengah dari transaksi sehari forex karena perusahaan-perusahaan ini membutuhkan dollar Amerika Serikat (AS) untuk pembelian bahan bakar dan pembayaran hutang luar negeri.

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  • Indonesia’s Rupiah & Stocks Weaken amid Mixed Asian Markets

    Stock markets in Asia were mixed on Friday (25/09) after Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen said in a speech at the University of Massachusetts that the US central bank is still on track to raise interest rates before the year-end (provided no economic shocks take place as the move is data-dependent). After this looming hike, Yellen suggests to gradually tighten US monetary policy thereafter.

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  • Indonesian Stocks & Rupiah Update: Yellen Speaks, Japan Inflation Falls

    In line with other Asian emerging markets and currencies, Indonesian stocks and the rupiah are weakening on Friday (25/09) after Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen said during her speech at the University of Massachusetts that US interest rates are likely to be raised before the year-end, provided no economic shocks occur. Yellen stated that most FOMC participants agree on a Fed Fund Rate hike later this year, followed by gradual further monetary tightening thereafter.

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  • Indonesia Stock Market & Rupiah News Update: What is Going on Today?

    In line with other Asian markets, Indonesian stocks and the rupiah are weakening heavily on Wednesday (23/09). Based on the Bloomberg Dollar Index, Indonesia’s rupiah had depreciated 0.71 percent to IDR 14,655 per US dollar by 11:08 am local Jakarta time, while the benchmark Jakarta Composite Index had fallen 1.56 percent to 4,276.43 points by the same time, with the financial sector in particular taking a hit. There are several causes that explain this weak performance today.

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Artikel Terbaru Rupiah Exchange Rate

  • Searching for Financial Stability: Indonesia's BI Rate Policy Questioned

    On Thursday 12 December 2013, Indonesia's central bank (Bank Indonesia) announced that the country's benchmark interest rate (BI rate) remains unchanged at the level of 7.50 percent in December 2013. This announcement was a bit surprizing as about 80 percent of analysts expected Bank Indonesia to raise the BI rate in order to support the depreciating Indonesia rupiah exchange rate. Starting the year at IDR 9,670 per US dollar, the rupiah has fallen around 25 percent to IDR 12,081 per US dollar.

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  • Indonesia Rupiah Exchange Rate Today: Volatile Movement on Tuesday

    Throughout the morning, the Indonesia rupiah exchange rate showed volatile movement on Tuesday (10/12). In the Bloomberg Dollar Index, the currency was up 0.45 percent to IDR 11,920 per US dollar at 16:20:51 local Jakarta time. The rupiah's performance is volatile because negative sentiments are brought on by improving economic data from the USA, causing a strengthening US dollar, while positive market sentiments are brought on by the new fiscal policies that were announced by the Indonesian government.

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  • Indonesia Rupiah Exchange Rate: Fluctuating Performance on Monday

    After appreciating on Monday morning (09/12), the Indonesia rupiah exchange rate started to weaken against the US dollar in the afternoon. At 15:10:29 local Jakarta time, the rupiah stood at IDR 11,970 per US dollar in the Bloomberg Dollar Index, a 0.05 percent depreciation from the start of the day. The rupiah exchange rate is fluctuating due to positive sentiments caused by Indonesia's October trade surplus as well as China's low inflation and negative sentiments brought on by the looming end of the Federal Reserve's quantitative easing program.

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  • Indonesia Rupiah Exchange Rate: How Will Bank Indonesia Respond?

    In the morning of Thursday (05/12), Indonesia's rupiah exchange rate depreciated beyond the psychological level of IDR 12,000 per US dollar. In the Bloomberg Dollar Index, the rupiah fell 0.2 percent to IDR 12,011 as of 09:19:49. The main factor behind this decline is market participants' concerns about the end of the Federal Reserve's monthly USD $85 billion bond buying program. It is increasingly speculated that the winding down of this program will start sooner than expected.

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  • Indonesia's Jakarta Composite Index (IHSG) and Rupiah Continue Decline

    Indonesia's Jakarta Composite Index (IHSG) and Rupiah Continue Decline

    The continued presence of negative market sentiments made it impossible for Indonesia's Jakarta Composite Index (IHSG) to rebound. The looming end of the FED's quantitative easing program - which may be wound down sooner than expected - is a big cause for concern. The depreciating Indonesia rupiah exchange rate intensifies these concerns, particularly regarding companies that have exposure to volatile US dollar movements. Furthermore, investors are waiting for further US economic data as well as for Bank Indonesia's next meeting.

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