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  • Which Indonesian Stocks Gave Investors the Best Returns in 2016?

    Most listed companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange have now released their corporate earnings reports (covering full-year 2016) and this enables us to determine which companies' shares have been the most lucrative ones last year. Four companies stand out in terms of return on asset (RoA), return on equity (RoE), and return on invested capital (RoIC). These are (1) Matahari Department Store, (2) Unilever Indonesia, (3) Surya Citra Media, and (4) HM Sampoerna.

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  • Seven New Indonesian Companies Featured in the Pefindo25 Index

    Indonesian credit rating agency Pefindo (Pemeringkat Efek Indonesia) replaced seven stocks in its Pefindo25 Index for the period 1 February to 31 July 2014. The Pefindo25 Index, which is tracked by yahoo finance, represents stocks of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) - listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) - that possess good fundamental performances and liquidity. The composition of the index, which contains 25 stocks, is reviewed and revised two times per year.

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