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Berita Hari Ini Cash

  • Survey: Property, Financial Discipline and Demand for Wealth Management

    According to research conducted by Citibank, Indonesians increasingly regard property as the most lucrative investment instrument, instead of cash, deposit or saving accounts. On second and third place come cash and insurance. Citibank conducts an annual survey through which the bank assesses Indonesians' ability to understand the importance of financial planning and implementing good financial discipline. The survey involves various groups based on gender, age, residency and income levels.

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Artikel Terbaru Cash

  • Draft Law on Limitations of Cash Transactions in Indonesia

    Draft Law on Limitations of Cash Transactions in Indonesia

    The Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights is currently preparing a new Law on Limitation of Cash Transactions (Draft Law). The aim of the Draft Law is to promote cashless transactions in Indonesia. This is done by setting restrictions to cash transactions in Indonesia. It is expected the Draft Law will enter into force somewhere in 2016. In this column we discuss the most important points regulated in the Draft Law. Since the law is currently a draft, its provisions are still subject to changes.

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