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  • Alcohol in Indonesia: Beer Available again in Jakarta's Minimarts?

    Good news for those who love beer and live in Jakarta. About one year after Indonesia announced it had banned sales of alcoholic beverages in minimarkets and kiosks - a move conducted to "protect the morals and culture of Indonesian society" - Jakarta Governor Basuki Purnama Tjahja (Ahok) said alcoholic beverages with alcohol content up to five percent (which includes beer) will again be available in the capital city's minimarkets, the small retailers that have mushroomed across the city streets.

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  • Creative Business Ideas in Indonesia: Beer Delivery Service

    Since April 2015 sales of alcoholic beverages in kiosks or minimarkets in Indonesia are forbidden. Previously, light alcoholic beverages, such as beer or breezers, could be bought in these shops that have mushroomed in Indonesian cities. This was bad news for producers of light alcoholic beverages because it was made less easy to buy an alcoholic beverage. For such a drink you now have to go to the (licensed) supermarkets and hypermarkets or visit a cafe or restaurant. This increases the distance you need to travel for a drink or - when drinking in a cafe or restaurant - it becomes much more expensive.

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Artikel Terbaru Beer

  • Indonesian Alcoholic Beverage Producers in Focus: Delta Djakarta

    Delta Djakarta, a beverage manufacturer that is particularly known for producing beer, is eager to focus on export markets as growth of domestic sales is limited in the world's biggest Muslim-majority nation. In Islam, consumption of any intoxicants, including alcoholic beverages, is generally forbidden and therefore demand for alcoholic beverages is limited at home. That is also why the local Jakarta government is set to sell its stake in the company.

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