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  • Indonesia Records Biggest-Ever Islamic Bonds (Retail Sukri) Sale

    As predicted, demand for Indonesia's sharia-compliant government retail bonds (Sukuk Negara Ritel, abbreviated Sukri) remains strong and is growing. In fact, Indonesia's Finance Ministry released a statement on Monday (07/03) that said Southeast Asia's largest economy recorded its biggest ever sale of Sukri bonds. Between 19 February and 4 March 2016 Indonesia offered the three year SR-008 Islamic bond series (carrying a fixed coupon of 8.3 percent per year), raising IDR 31.5 trillion (approx. USD $2.4 billion).

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  • Indonesia Steps Up ORI and Sukri Bond Issuances in 2016

    The Indonesian government will increase retail bond issuances in 2016. Robert Pakpahan, General Director of Debt Management at the Ministry of Finance, said the government will issue conventional retail bonds, known as ORI (Obligasi Negara Ritel Indonesia), twice in 2016. Furthermore, the government plans two rounds of sharia-compliant government retail bond (Sukuk Negara Ritel, or abbreviated Sukri) issuances next year. These bonds are only available to domestic investors.

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Artikel Terbaru SUKRI

  • New Sharia-Compliant Government Retail Bonds Sale in Indonesia

    The government of Indonesia plans to sell another series of sharia-compliant government retail bonds (in Indonesian: Sukuk Negara Ritel, abbreviated Sukri). The offering period is planned for 4 February - 2 March 2017. However, Suminto, Islamic Financing Director at the Budget Financing and Risk Management Office within Indonesia's Finance Ministry, did not inform about the indicative target for this issuance. He only informed local media that the target of the bond issuance will be in line with the government's financing needs and existing market conditions.

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  • Strong Demand for Indonesia's Sharia-Compliant Retail Bonds (Sukri)

    There is strong demand for Indonesia's sharia-compliant government retail bonds (in Indonesian: Sukuk Negara Ritel, abbreviated Sukri). Since the launch of series SR-008 on Friday (19/02), a number of sales agents have run out of quota. These financial institutions now request additional quota from the government. The three year SR-008 series carries a fixed coupon of 8.3 percent per year (and is tradable on the secondary market). The government of Indonesia targets to collect up to IDR 30 trillion (approx. USD $2.2 billion) in funds from the issuance. Sukri bonds are only available to Indonesian citizens.

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  • Pemerintah Indonesia Kembali Tawarkan ORI kepada Investor

    Untuk memperkuat basis investor domestik dan memenuhi pembiayaan APBN-P 2014, pemerintah Indonesia kembali menawarkan Obligasi Negara Ritel Indonesia (ORI). Ini adalah kali ke-11, pemerintah menerbitkan ORI sejak obligasi tersebut diluncurkan pada tahun 2006. ORI berseri ORI011 tersebut mulai ditawarkan pada 1-16 Oktober 2014. Tingkat  kupon yang ditawarkan ORI011 sebesar 8,5% dengan tenor selama tiga tahun. Minimum pemesanan yang diperbolehkan adalah Rp5 juta sementara maksimum pemesanan adalah Rp3 miliar per individu.

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