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Berita Hari Ini Environmental Pollution Indonesia

  • Environmental Pollution: Indonesia’s Battle against Plastic Waste

    Plastic waste is a huge problem in Indonesia. Over the past few years, various images surfaced on the Internet and media showing how beaches on Bali – the famous island that forms the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia - are swamped by plastic garbage. Another example is the city of Bandung (West Java) where the Indonesian army had to lend a helping hand last year to fish plastic garbage out of local rivers.

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Artikel Terbaru Environmental Pollution Indonesia

  • Indonesia, Pollution and the Environment; Is Net Zero Emissions by 2060 a Realistic Ambition?

    Those who’ve ever visited Indonesia should be well aware that the country is facing some serious environmental issues, with the underlying reason seemingly being low environmental awareness among the inhabitants of this beautiful country. Such low awareness is actually something that seems commonly shared among the people in developing nations, hinting that there exists a link between the level of per capita gross domestic product and the level of concern for the environment.

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  • Jakarta; the Sinking, Choking Metropolitan Capital City of Indonesia

    It was reported in media around the globe near the end of July 2019 that Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta has been constantly ranked in the top 10 of the world's most polluted cities over the past two months (based on AirVisual’s World Air Quality Index, AQI). And, for several days in July 2019 this mega-city was even ranked as the world's smoggiest city.

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