Starting from 15:00 pm local Jakarta time we will start a live blog, complete with the updated quick count results.


12:00 noon; so far voting has gone orderly without any significant problems.
15:30 pm; all credible exit polls and quick counts give Widodo a safe lead.
16:50 pm; presidential hopeful Prabowo Subianto claims he has won the election (hence ignoring the exit polls and quick counts, or in fact claiming they deliberately misrepresent the election result) and calls upon his supporters to celebrate victory, an apparent attempt to provoke his supporters.
17:00 pm; President Widodo says the elections have been held in fair and free conditions, while emphasizing the nation needs to be patiently waiting for official results from the KPU (expected to come next month)
20:35 pm; Subianto cannot accept defeat and even calls himself the president of the people. It seems clear he wants to ignite riots

Last update at 17:52 pm local Jakarta time (17.04.2019)

Quick Count Results Indonesia's Presidential Election 2019:

Indo Barometer
Lingkaran Survei
Litbang Kompas Saiful Mujani Research Center Poltracking
Kedai Kopi
53.7% 55.0% 54.2% 54.9% 55.1% 52.2%
46.3% 45.0% 45.8% 45.1% 44.9% 45.5%


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Who would you vote for in Indonesia's 2019 presidential election?

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  • Joko Widodo (57.6%)
  • Prabowo Subianto (31.9%)
  • No opinion (5.7%)
  • Someone else (4.8%)

Total amount of votes: 16331