Currently, the Indonesian government focuses on investment, both public and private, to boost Indonesia's economic expansion. Particularly investment in the nation's infrastructure and manufacturing industry are welcomed in order to improve connectivity across the archipelago (hence reducing logistics costs and enhance the quality of the investment climate as well as the competitiveness of domestic businesses) and to lessen Indonesia's traditional dependence on (raw) commodity exports.

Therefore, the Indonesian government has been eager to improve the investment climate - for example by cutting red tape, deregulation and by offering tax incentives in specific sectors to investors who meet specific criteria - in an effort to attract private investment.

Although the Indonesian government under the leadership of Joko Widodo has significantly raised its budget for public investment (partly made possible by reducing public spending on energy subsidies) and increasingly encourages regional governments to invest more in physical infrastructure, it does not have enough financial means to fund all required projects. Therefore, private investors are envisaged to finance the lion's share of investment needs in the years to come.

We regard Indonesia a "high risk, high gain" market. Please visit our Business section to learn more about Indonesia's investment climate, including the risks involved when investing in Indonesia.

Government Development Plans

This section discusses the Indonesian government's official development plans with regard to expansion of the Indonesian economy. The government has two long-term plans and one medium-term plan which are all integrated to a certain degree and foresee a large role for private sector investments. This section contains a comprehensive overview of these three development plans.

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Public-Private Partnerships

In coordination with the Indonesian governmental agency Bappenas (National Development Planning Agency) the Public-Private Partnerships section contains a selection of projects that are offered to the private sector (both foreign and Indonesian) by the government of Indonesia. Here investors can obtain ample information about these projects and request consultations or further information.

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Private Projects

In this Private Projects section we list projects in Indonesia that are developed by the private sector and are open to private sector participation (both foreign and Indonesian). This section contains detailed information on participating in such projects and facilitates non-committal informative meetings. Companies and developers that are interested to advertise their project(s) in this section are advised to contact Indonesia Investments.

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Public Projects

Our Public Projects section contains profiles of several interesting, high-profile projects initiated by the Indonesian government which have recently been realized, are currently under construction, or are on the agenda to see groundbreaking in the (near) future. These projects cannot be joined by the private sector, therefore this section merely serves to provide some insight into a number of ambitious government projects of Indonesia.

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