Industry Sector Transportation
Industry Sub Sector Port Services
Established 1 December 1992
Company Type State-Owned Enterprise
Key Subsidiaries Rumah Sakit Pelabuhan
Multi Terminal Indonesia
EDI Indonesia
Jakarta International Container Terminal

Business Summary

The history of Pelindo II dates back to 1960 when the Indonesian government established eight state-owned enterprises called Perusahaan Negara Pelabuhan (I to VIII) that were tasked with port operation management across the country. Between 1964 and 1992 several important changes with regard to the structure and tasks of these companies were made; its tasks were confined to the management of commercialized ports only and its legal structure was transformed from being multiple individual companies into entities of a single public corporation called Perusahaan Umum (Perum). In 1983 the government divided Perum into four operational areas. These four resulting Perum Pelabuhan entities were placed under the supervision of the government's Transportation Ministry. In 1992 the public corporation was changed into a Limited Liability Company and the names of its entities were changed into Indonesia Port Corporation I to IV (Pelindo I to IV). 

Financial Highlights Pelabuhan Indonesia II:

     2007    2008    2009    2010    2011    2012    2013
   2.09    2.50    2.51    3.02    4.02    5.42    6.12
Operating Profit
   0.61    0.60    0.82    1.02    1.42    1.85    1.80
Net Profit
   0.85    1.05    0.94    1.26    1.49    1.87    2.00
Total Assets    5.44    6.41    7.04    7.78    9.15    12.7    15.1
Total Liabilities    1.19    1.49    1.71    1.96    2.20     3.6     5.1

in trillion of IDR Rupiah
Source: IPC, Annual Report 2013

Pelindo II operates twelve commercialized ports, located in ten Indonesian provinces:

 1. Teluk Bayur (West Sumatra)  7. Balam (Bangka Belitung)
 2. Jambi (Jambi)  8. Banten (Banten)
 3. Boom Baru (South Sumatra)  9. Tanjung Priok (Jakarta)
 4. Bengkulu (Bengkulu) 10. Sunda Kelapa (Jakarta)
 5. Panjang (Lampung) 11. Cirebon (West Java)
 6. Tanjung Pandan (Bangka Belitung) 12. Pontianak (West Kalimantan)

Pelindo Port Locations Indonesia Investments

Pelindo II also engages in cooperation with private companies, for example cooperation in terminal operation.

New Priok Port Development

The New Priok Port Development Masterplan (also known as the Kalibaru Port) is a planned extension of the Tanjung Priok port in North Jakarta. It is envisaged to become a world-class port that will more than triple the port's annual capacity when fully operational in 2023. For a more detailed account of this project, please visit the New Priok Port Development Project in our Public Projects section.


Contact Details

Jalan Pasoso No. 1
Tanjung Priuk, North Jakarta, 14310
Phone: +62 21 436 7505 | +62 21 430 1080
Fax: +62 21 439 11704