Below are the criteria for the column:

The column needs to be in either the English or Indonesian language.

As a rough indication, the number of words should be somewhere between 400 - 2,000 words per column. However, we emphasize that quality is much more important than quantity. Hence if you manage to write a very interesting story in only 300 words it would be perfectly acceptable. However, it is likely that you will need more words for an interesting opinion, analysis, etc.

Although we will edit your column if necessary (for example, improve your grammar or word choice) we kindly request you to check your story carefully before sending it to us because if the language (meaning of your statements) is unclear then we cannot publish it.

We gladly receive your opinion pieces or analyses about the following topics: economy, financial markets, companies, stocks, bonds, currency, governance, politics, infrastructure, investment, culture, religions, and tourism. So, a very broad range of topics, indeed!

We do not accept duplicated content, therefore your column has to be an original piece of work. It is fine to use a quote here-and-there but be aware that at least 80 percent of the column has to consist of original material.

We need your name and some background information (in about two sentences), for example, your current occupation and educational background. This information will be published below your column. If you want, we can add your contact details (email address) so our audience can contact you.

Regular contributors who build a big audience will be rewarded!

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You can send your column (preferably in a Word document) to this email-address:

In case you have any further questions you can send them to the same address.