Lembong expressed he is pleased with the Q2-2017 results as they provide hope that the BKPM's investment target of IDR 679.8 trillion will be achieved in full-year 2017.

Direct domestic investment (DDI) increased by 16.9 percent year-on-year (y/y) to IDR 61.0 trillion from IDR 52.2 trillion in the same period last year. Meanwhile, the realization of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Indonesia reached IDR 109.9 trillion, up 10.6 percent (y/y) from IDR 99.4 trillion in Q2-2016. In US dollar terms, FDI realization rose by 15.5 percent (y/y) to USD $8.2 billion in Q2-2017. Examples of foreign investors that entered (or expanded their business) in Indonesia are Mitsubishi, SAIC General Motors Wuling and Krakatau Osaka Steel.

The biggest foreign investor in Indonesia in Q2-2017 was Singapore (USD $1.6 billion), followed by Japan (USD $1.4 billion) and China (USD $1.3 billion). The top three sectors in which foreigners invested were (1) metal, machinery, and electronic industry (USD $1.1 billion), (2) mining (USD $1.0 billion), and (3) electricity, gas, and water supply (USD $0.99 billion).

Growth of FDI in Indonesia in Q2-2017 was much better compared to the bleak growth pace of 0.9 percent (in rupiah terms) or 6 percent (in US dollar terms) in the preceding quarter. This is most likely the result of easing religious and ethnic tensions in Indonesian society. In Q4-2016 and Q1-2017 Indonesia (particularly Jakarta) was plagued by heavy tensions stemming from the Jakarta gubernatorial election and blasphemy case of former Jakarta governor Ahok.

Lembong added that he is somewhat concerned that investment may decline in the second half because commodity prices could soften in the remainder of the year.

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It is also believed that Indonesian President Joko Widodo's move last year to open various business sectors to foreign investors has helped to boost FDI in Indonesia. Next month the Indonesian government may again ease foreign ownership restrictions on specific industries.

Two remarks:

The investment data exclude investment in oil and gas, banking, non-bank financial institutions, insurance, leasing, and home industry.

The BKPM uses a currency rate of USD $1 = IDR 13,300 (as set in the 2017 State Budget).