Product Differentiation 

The typical outcome of any R&D is to create product differentiation in the crowded market. For instance, when WhatsApp Status was created, any Cool Photos you uploaded were visible to all. However, with R&D, the developers gave the users the power to hide the statuses from specific people and choose with whom they want to share it. Also, just because this feature works today doesn’t mean it will stay relevant even in the future. 

With each passing year, the demands of the customers keep changing. Therefore, businesses must keep innovating. Apple is the perfect example of a company investing heavily in R&D to create innovative products. 

Makes It Easier To Get Funding 

It is a myth that only big companies need to invest in R&D. Regardless of the size, everyone should invest in it. Investing in R&D is especially beneficial for startups. Having a proper innovation management team will attract investors to the company. It is because investment in R&D indicates that you are a growth-driven company. Most investors look for companies that can create innovative products and maintain profitability. Also, for many investors, the company needs to have a competitive edge. One can achieve that through research and development. 

Helps Become Industry Leaders 

If you look at the history, you will immediately understand that all the big companies have made significant investments in R & D. It is why they are industry leaders now. Take the examples of companies like Apple and Amazon. These tech giants are industry leaders. What makes them different from their competitors is that they are not copying anything from any other companies. They invest in the research and development of products and services and create cutting-edge opportunities for them. The result is brand recognition and customer loyalty. It also made them a leader of their notch. 

Profit Growth 

It goes without saying that when a company innovates something to meet the exact requirement of its customer, the product or service will come in demand. The premium services help the company to grow its profit. Therefore, the investment made in R&D has a huge return on investment. 

Tax Relief 

Many governments provide relief to the businesses who engage in R&D. It is useful in reducing the tax bill. Additionally, the company can also choose to accept tax credits. We recommend you check the different programs of the government and check whether your company can receive tax relief by investing in R&D. Government programs usually provide tax relief to the companies engaged in R&D because of the advancement that they bring in science and technology. 

The Winning Strategy For R&D

The importance of investing in R&D is now realized. The next question is how to do it. A proper strategy is needed to strategize investment in R & D. To begin with; the company needs to analyze what they want to deliver to their customers. Do the things that you want to deliver align with the missions of the business? Furthermore, is there a requirement for R&D to reach the goal? 

Secondly, it is essential to figure out what exactly you need to deliver to the customer. This element focuses on the resources which go into the R&D. At the current age, technology is a crucial part of any R&D. Apart from it, does the business require any additional investment in assets? After figuring out this question, the next thing that needs to be analyzed is how you will do it. You can do the R&D in-house, or if the amount of investment is too high for the business, you can even outsource it.