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Hendry Dawir

Nusa Harmoni Brajan No. 6,
Brajan RT 14, Tamantirto, Kasihan,
Bantul - 55183
Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

Eksplorasi Studio Arsitektur is a Yogyakarta-based architectural design company. This company is the meeting place between architect and client for the design of various types of property, especially exterior and interior design of homes, restaurants and cafes. We deliver the best results that suit our clients' needs through close interaction and fruitful communication.

Over the past six years my experience has led to the delivery of dozens of architectural design works, primarily in the Yogyakarta region on the island of Java but also in several other cities including Solo, Klaten, Purwokerto, and Madiun. The services of Eksplorasi Studio Arsitektur (ESA) cover both exterior and interior design for private residential or public spaces such as cafes, bookstores, restaurants, villas, and supermarkets.

Motivation & Objectives:

  • Through ESA, I am able to embrace people, and become part of them.
  • Through ESA, our true identity is visible through each line that we draw.
  • Through ESA, me, you, and others are able to create a better environment.

"To me, architecture is a love, a hobby, it is my life calling. I meet with many and all sorts of people, all with different backgrounds. Together we turn every idea into a designed space that is filled with stories."

Hendry Dawir, ST.