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Jakarta, Indonesia

Gerai Green Indonesia is a Jakarta based company that specializes in production of environment- friendly products such as eco soap, e-fuel, mosquito repellent and products made of recycled plastic (such as bags). In a world that is increasingly aware of the importance of fostering the environment, Gerai Green is looking for export markets for its environmentally friendly products.

It all started with Gerai Green Indonesia's love and care for the world's environment. Gerai Green Indonesia is continuously stressing the importance of caring for the earth. The global warming impact, the bad condition of the environment and the increase in life style awareness - that implies more attention to the health of our body and the environment - have given way for Gerai Green Indonesia to introduce several products that apply the '3R' concept: Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.

Eco Soap

Eco Soap is made from pure coconut oil (extracted from fresh coconut) without using any heat or chemical treatment in order to protect the oil’s essential properties. The natural moisturizer that is formed during the soap making process is not removed, thus allowing for a rich lathering and giving extra benefit to moisturize our skin. Naturally, pure coconut oil richly contains lauric acid which has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties as well as tocopherol (vitamin E and antioxidant) which are good for skin’s health and beauty. Coconut oil is easily absorbed by human skin due to its small molecule structure, making it soft and smooth. Not only does it moisten and soften, Eco Soap clears away dead skin cells, as well as any left over oil and residue to keep pores deeply cleansed with no dry-finish and suitable for any type of skin.

Blended with essential oils, Eco Soap’s scents serve as aromatherapy; it brings a sublime breath of freshness to you. For Eco Soap’s natural ingredients, the water used to rinse the soap does not harm the environment; it can in fact be used to water your plants. Eco Soap is earth friendly, tailor-handmade and homemade.

Gerai Green's eco soap, which comes in pieces of 40 gram (animal or flower shaped) and 100 gram (bar soap), are available in the following flavors:

 Flower  Jasmine  Lavender  Rose  Lily  Dahlia  
 Spices  Serai  Green Tea  Cinnamon  Clove  Baby  Mint
 Fruit  Strawberry  Apple  Orange  Lemon  Citrus  


Did you know that candles cause pollution? The paraffin to make candles is a product of non-renewable fossil oil that emits harmful particles (toluene & benzene). For people in a bad ventilated room it can cause allergic reactions as well as cough. E-fuel lamp oil is a recycle product from used cooking oil, thereby reducing the waste. Cooking oil is sourced from plants, a renewable non fossil: no smell, no ash and no pollution. It’s good for people’s health and the environment.

Gerai Green Indonesia also offers pro-environmental products which are not mentioned here. Please visit the website to read more about these and other products or contact Gerai Green directly through the contact details below. They are happy to answer all your questions.

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