It is a valid reason for us to sit down with Rusmaini Lenggogeni - partner at Jakarta-based SSEK Indonesian Legal Consultants (SSEK), which is one of Indonesia’s largest law firms - and discuss tax, both from the point of view of the investor and individual.

Ms. Lenggogeni’s expertise includes taxation as well as corporate mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, aviation, intellectual property, and real property leases. She graduated in 1992 from the University of Indonesia (Faculty of Law), attended the Academy of American and International Law in Dallas and obtained her LL.M. in International Business Studies from American University Washington College of Law in 1998.

Ms. Lenggogeni, who became a partner at SSEK in 2003, is recognized by Asia Law & Practice as one of Indonesia's leading lawyers for capital markets and corporate law/M&A, and is a Legal 500 recommended lawyer for  corporate law/M&A and tax. Ms. Lenggogeni is a member of the International Bar Association, the Indonesian Legal Consultants Association and the Indonesian Association of Capital Markets Legal Consultants, and she is licensed as a capital markets legal consultant.

Ms. Lenggogeni has been with SSEK almost from the beginning. SSEK was established in 1992 by ‘founding mothers’ Dyah Soewito, Ira Andamara Eddymurthy and two other Indonesian women lawyers.  About one year later Ms. Lenggogeni joined this rapidly growing law firm that has been located in the Mayapada Tower in the heart of Jakarta’s business district since its establishment.

If we take a closer look at the 27-year history of SSEK in Indonesia, we see a number of notable achievements and interesting projects. For example, SSEK was named Indonesian law firm of the year on several occasions, while various SSEK lawyers have been recognized as leading practitioners in their respective fields over the years.

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