In the weeks before the switch both sides had been in talks about the possibility of teaming up together. Indonesian media closely followed these developments but on more than one occasion the door seemed to be closed by either one of the involved sides. However, with today’s knowledge in mind, it was simply a period of bargaining between both sides. And at stake was the number of ministerial seats in exchange for Gerindra’s political support.

In the end, two ministries went to Gerindra: (1) Ministry of Defense, and (2) Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries. It is Subianto himself who heads the Ministry of Defense.

The sudden companionship between Widodo’s coalition and Subianto’s Gerindra party was particularly a surprise considering the heated elections in 2019 (as well as in 2014 which was also a race between both men) that had greatly divided the nation’s people, and in quite a worrying manner.

This article discusses:

• Possible causes and consequences of Prabowo Subianto (and Gerindra)'s decision to join Joko Widodo's coalition.

• The future of SBY's Democratic Party (PD); in jeopardy of disappearing from Indonesian politics within the next two national legislative elections.

• The new cabinet; more political party politicians than we had expected at 'economy-related' ministries.

• President Widodo's inauguration speech; his key plans for the next five years.

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