Apart from robust demand for Indonesian stocks in recent years, the large increase in market capitalization of Indonesia's stock exchange is also due to many initial public offerings (IPOs) and rights issues (currently 464 companies are listed on Indonesia's stock exchange). This growth is yet another indicator of strong expansion of Indonesia's economy. The value of the IHSG's market capitalization is currently equivalent to about 45% of Indonesia's gross domestic product. This figure means that there is still ample room for growth as regional economies have figures that surpass 100 percent, such as Singapore and Malaysia which are at 194 percent and 137 percent of GDP respectively. Market capitalization of Singapore's stock exchange is currently about USD $605.1 billion. By 2018 Indonesia hopes to surpass this level.

         Value Market
    Capitalization IDX
End 2011       IDR 3,537 trillion
End 2012       IDR 4,127 trillion
May 2013       IDR 5,020 trillion