Nus Nuzulia, Director General of National Export Development at Indonesia's Ministry of Trade, said not to expect any severe negative impact on Indonesia's exports to France as the flow of goods is not expected to be curbed, while demand from France for Indonesian parquet flooring, coffee, furniture, rubber and textiles remains high. Nuzulia added Indonesian shipments enter France in Le Havre and Marseille, located far away from Paris where the terrorist attacks took place.

France is also a relatively large buyer of Indonesian crude palm oil (CPO) within the Eurozone. French demand for CPO is also not expected to reduce after the attacks as the oil is required for the production of a whole range of products (from food products to cosmetics), while the main CPO producing (and exporting) countries are Indonesia and Malaysia.

Trade between Indonesia and France (in USD billion):

 2010  2011  2012  2013  2014
Total Trade   2.46   3.29   3.05   2.65   2.35
Export   1.12   1.28   1.13   1.06   1.02
Import   1.34   2.00   1.92   1.59   1.33
Trade Balance  -0.22  -0.72  -0.80  -0.53  -0.31

Source: Indonesian Ministry of Trade

Indonesia still has a trade deficit with France as Indonesia imports many aircraft and ships from France.

The Indonesian Trade Ministry developed an online service to provide information and guidance to Indonesian exporters regarding exports to the European Union. The INATRIMS portal (Indonesia Technical Requirements Information System) provides the requirements, standards and regulations for shipments abroad.