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  • Company Register for Foreign Companies (PMA) Indonesia

    Company Register for Foreign Companies (PMA) Indonesia

    A company register for limited liability companies (which include foreign companies in the form of PMA) contains specific information about the company. The company register is open for public and therefore can be consulted by third parties in order to obtain general information about a company. Both local (PT) and foreign companies (PMA) are required to submit to and update company data of the Company Register which is maintained by the Minister of Law and Human Rights (Minister) or a designated officer.

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  • Domestic and Foreign Direct Investment in Indonesia Grows Strong in Q1-2013

    Foreign Direct investment in Indonesia Investments

    In Quarter I 2013 (January-March), total investment in Indonesia increased 30.6 percent to IDR 93.0 trillion (US $9.58 billion) compared to the same period in 2012 according to data from the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal, abbreviated BKPM), a government institution. Of this total amount, about seventy percent is accounted for by foreign direct investment, while the remaining thirty percent constitutes domestic direct investment.

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