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Berita Hari Ini Permits

  • Oil & Gas Sector Indonesia: Permitting Process Too Difficult

    For a company it is very difficult to start activities in Indonesia's upstream oil and gas sector. As a result, not unoften, activities related to exploration and production are delayed. This is the major reason why Indonesia's oil production has been declining for the past two decades, while Indonesia's gas production today does not differ much from production one decade ago. Why is it difficult for an oil and gas company to get started in Indonesia?

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  • 12th Economic Policy Package Indonesia: Ease of Doing Business

    The Indonesian government released the 12th economic policy package on Thursday (28/04). This latest edition focuses on enhancing the ease of doing business for the small and mid-sized companies in Indonesia in a bid to attract more investment, hence giving a boost to economic growth. In the 12th package the government announces it has cut a number of procedures and permits, as well as costs, required for the development of a business. Indonesia's Chief Economics Minister Darmin Nasution unveiled the package on Thursday in Jakarta's Presidential Palace.

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  • Investasi di Indonesia: Izin yang Dicabut Mengekspos Masalah

    Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Model (BKPM) mencabut 6.541 izin prinsip penanaman modal yang telah diberikan kepada para investor antara tahun 2007-2012 untuk proyek-proyek yang memiliki total nilai 23 miliar dollar Amerika Serikat (AS). Izin prinsip ini adalah langkah pertama untuk para investor asing supaya mereka dapat merealisasikan komitmen investasi mereka di Indonesia (biasanya membutuhlan beberapa tahun tambahan sebelum proyek-proyek ini bisa direalisasikan setelah pemberian izin prinsip).

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  • Indonesia’s One-Stop Investment Licensing Service at BKPM Launched

    Indonesian President Joko Widodo officially launched the integrated one-stop service center (in Indonesian Pelayanan Terpadu Satu Pintu, abbreviated PTSP) at the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) at the start of the week. This new service aims to smoothen and simplify licensing procedures for investment projects. From now on, investors will not need to visit various ministries or government agencies to obtain necessary permits but can simply turn to the BKPM’s one-stop service center.

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  • Investing in Indonesia: BKPM’s New One-Stop Service and a Tax Cut

    The Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) conducted a trial of its new one-stop integrated service on Thursday (15/01). This soft launch was attended by various Indonesian ministers. The introduction of the one-stop service aims to attract more (foreign) investment as it speeds up licensing procedures. Currently, Indonesia is characterized by a high degree of bureaucracy resulting in a lengthy licensing process as investors need to obtain permits from various ministries as well as local government institutions.

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Artikel Terbaru Permits

  • Investment in Indonesia: 59 Investors Used BKPM's 3-Hour Licensing Service

    According to the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), the government agency that provides investment services and forms the primary interface between the Indonesian government and businesses, it has assisted 59 companies through the three-hour licensing service that was started on 11 January 2016. Originally, this service was only available to big investors who either invest at least IDR 100 billion (approx. USD $7.5 million) or generate 1,000 new job positions for Indonesian workers. However, a Presidential Instruction also opened this special service to investment in four infrastructure-related sectors.

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  • Indonesian Consumer Group: Don't Buy Property at Jakarta's Land Reclamation Area

    The Indonesian Consumer Protection Foundation (YLKI) advises investors and consumers not to purchase property (yet) on the artificial islands that form part of the grand USD $40 billion land reclamation project (National Capital Integrated Coastal Development, abbreviated NCICD, also known as the Giant Sea Wall) off the coast of North Jakarta. Most property developers - including Agung Podomoro Land - have already started to advertise (and sell) property units on these islands despite these developers are yet to obtain all necessary permits.

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  • Indonesia's Horticultural Products and the Trade Ministry's Regulatory Framework

    With fertile soils and supportive climatic conditions, production of horticultural products (such as fruits, vegetables, or herbal medicines), should be thriving in Indonesia. In reality, however, Indonesia's horticultural production has not been able to meet domestic demand of Indonesia. Various factors lay behind this situation. But in essence it comes down to a lack of productive farmers, while demand has risen steadily. In this given situation, horticultural products should be imported. If not, prices will rise significantly.

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