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  • Financial Update Indonesia: Rupiah, Forex & Current Account

    The central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) said the country's current account deficit remained under control, albeit widening in the last quarter of 2017. Indonesia's current account deficit reached USD $5.8 billion or 2.2 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) in Q4-2017 (up from a deficit of USD $4.6 billion or 1.7 percent of GDP in the preceding quarter).

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  • Finance Update Indonesia: Rupiah & Foreign Exchange Reserves

    Although the Indonesian rupiah has been strengthening against the US dollar since mid-December 2017, the rupiah may encounter serious pressures in the year 2018 amid US tax reforms, the US Federal Reserve's further monetary tightening, and unstable geopolitics. Meanwhile, Indonesian exports are expected to grow, but only in the range of 5-6 percent year-on-year (unlike 2017 when the nation's exports rebounded 17 percent).

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  • Local Currency Settlement Framework Indonesia, Malaysia & Thailand

    Earlier this week, the central banks of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia), Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia), Thailand (Bank of Thailand) jointly announced the launch of the local currency settlement framework. This framework aims at boosting the use of local currencies in transactions (specifically related to trade and investment) conducted between Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand in an effort to reduce these countries' dependence on the US dollar.

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  • Bank Indonesia Sees Improving Global & Domestic Economy

    The Bank Indonesia (BI) Board of Governors agreed to hold the BI 7-day Reverse Repo Rate at 4.25 percent, while maintaining the deposit facility and lending facility rates at 3.50 percent and 5.00 percent, respectively, effective per 20 October 2017. The decision was in line with efforts to maintain macroeconomic and financial system stability, while stimulating the domestic economic recovery.

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  • Stock & Currency Markets Are Getting Used to Terror Attacks

    Despite the suicide bombs attack in Jakarta on Wednesday evening (24/05) that killed 3 police officers (and the two militants) at a Jakarta bus station, the Jakarta Composite Index rose after opening on Friday (26/05), while the rupiah only weakened slightly against the US dollar (Thursday was a public holiday). It is yet another example of the fact that markets around the globe have become used to the existence of militant attacks. Particularly a relatively small attack will not lead to any negative sentiments.

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  • Bank Indonesia Keeps Key Interest Rate at 4.75% in May 2017, Analysis

    The central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) maintained its benchmark interest rate - the 7-day reverse repurchase rate - at 4.75 percent at the policy meeting on 17-18 May 2017, a decision that is in line with analysts' forecasts. Bank Indonesia said the decision is consistent with its efforts to maintain macroeconomic and financial system stability "by driving the domestic economic recovery process", while continue to monitor external threats stemming from US policy directions and geopolitical conditions, specifically in the Korea Peninsula, as well as domestic threats stemming from inflationary pressures and ongoing consolidation in the banking and corporate sectors.

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  • Central Bank of Indonesia Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged in April

    The central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) kept its benchmark interest rate (seven-day reverse repo rate) at 4.75 percent at the April policy meeting (19-20 April 2017), while its deposit facility rate and lending facility rate stayed at 4.00 percent and 5.50 percent, respectively. Bank Indonesia considers the current interest rate environment appropriate to face global uncertainties as well as rising inflationary pressures at home.

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  • Bank Indonesia May Keep Key Rate at 4.75% throughout 2017

    Bank Indonesia, the central bank of Indonesia, is expected to maintain its benchmark interest rate (the seven-day reverse repurchase rate, or reverse repo) at 4.75 percent in the remainder of 2017. Priasto Aji, economist at the Asian Development Bank (ADB), says Bank Indonesia may not need to adjust its key interest rate at all this year even though there is looming further monetary tightening in the USA.

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  • Bank Indonesia Keeps Key Interest Rate at 4.75% in March 2017

    The central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) left its interest rate policy unchanged at the March 2017 policy meeting. This decision was in line with expectations especially after Bank Indonesia officials had stated that they see few room for monetary easing in the foreseeable future considering the US Federal Reserve is likely to raise its key rate several times this year (which could encourage capital outflows from Indonesia), while inflationary pressures in Indonesia are rising.

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