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Berita Hari Ini Urban Poverty

  • Nearly 20 Million Indonesians still Plagued by Hunger

    Currently there are still 19.4 million Indonesians suffering from hunger each day, or, one-third of an estimated 60 million people that suffer from hunger in Southeast Asia. The figures are results of research conducted by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. Mark Smulders, FAO Representative in Indonesia, said that there remains much work to be done. The priority of the FAO is to create ‘Generation Zero Hunger’ and to ensure that Indonesians get enough nutrition to live a productive and healthy life.

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  • Absolute & Relative Poverty in Indonesia Declined slightly in 2014

    Relative and absolute poverty in Indonesia have declined according to the latest data from Statistics Indonesia (BPS) released on Friday (02/01). In September 2014, there were a total of 27.73 million Indonesians categorized as poor, or 10.96 percent of the total population. Both figures were down from 28.6 million people, or 11.46 percent in September last year (BPS releases data on Indonesian poverty twice per year covering the state of poverty in the months of March and September).

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  • Poverty in Indonesia: Around 34.4 Million Indonesians Live in Slums

    According to data from Indonesia’s Ministry of Public Works there were 34.3 million Indonesians living in slums in August 2014. Public Works Minister Djoko Kirmanto stated that he wants the involvement of the Ministry of Housing, the National Development Planning Ministry (Bappenas), and the Ministry of Environment to resolve this issue. Currently, around 11.3 percent of the Indonesian population is poor. Head of Bappenas, Armida Alisjahbana, earlier stated to target to ease Indonesia’s poverty rate to 9-10 percent by 2015.

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  • Joko Widodo Continues with Social Housing Plans for Jakarta's Urban Poor

    Joko Widodo, who became Governor of Jakarta in 2012 and enjoys much popular support, has high ambitions to turn Jakarta into a better organized city in terms of public transportation, housing and water management. Currently, Indonesia's capital city - which contains about ten million inhabitants - is plagued by continuous traffic jams, annual floods as well as poor and overcrowded housing for the poorer segments of Jakarta's society. Housing which is frequently flooded.

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Artikel Terbaru Urban Poverty

  • Poverty Rate Indonesia: 11.1% of Population in September 2015

    On Monday (04/01) Indonesia's Statistics Agency (BPS) announced that the number of Indonesian people living below the poverty line stood at 28.51 million people in September 2015, or 11.13 percent of the total Indonesian population. Compared to March 2015 the number of Indonesians living below the poverty line fell by 80,000 people. However, compared to September 2014 the number rose by 78,000 people. BPS releases poverty figures twice per year covering the months March and September.

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  • Bappenas Ambitious to Curb Indonesia's Poverty and Unemployment Rates

    Indonesia's Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas) wants to see declining unemployment and poverty rates in 2016 as economic growth improves in Southeast Asia's largest economy. Bappenas official Bambang Prijambodo said accelerated infrastructure development in the second half of 2015 and 2016 should manage to create more employment opportunities. Furthermore, the recent series of economic stimulus packages released by the Indonesian government aims to improve the country's investment climate and therefore should trigger more private investment.

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