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  • Toll Road Development Indonesia: State-Owned Companies Take Over

    Two of Indonesia's state-controlled companies will acquire at least 11 toll road concessions (with a total length of 525.7 kilometers and combined value of IDR 53.5 trillion or approx. USD $4.1 billion) from the private sector in the next two years. Toll road operator Jasa Marga is expected to acquire four toll road projects with a total length of 262.3 kilometers, estimated to be worth IDR 18.4 trillion (approx. USD $1.4 billion). Meanwhile construction firm Waskita Karya plans to acquire seven toll road projects (with a combined length of 263.4 kilometers), take-overs estimated to require IDR 35.1 trillion (approx. USD $2.7 billion) of investment.

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  • Jasa Marga: Company Profile of Indonesia's Leading Toll Road Operator

    Jasa Marga is a state-controlled toll road operator that constructs and provides toll road services in Indonesia. Approximately 73 percent of total toll roads in Indonesia are operated by Jasa Marga, which makes this company the dominant player in Indonesia's toll road sector. Up to the end of 2012, the company has 22 toll road concessions - with a total length of 545 kilometer - in operation and 193 kilometer of toll road that is expected to become operational between 2013 and 2016.

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  • Tackling Logistics Costs: Indonesia to Cut Toll Road Ticket Prices?

    The Indonesian government is studying the possibility of cutting toll road prices for specific trucks, hence companies engaged in transportation logistics would be the key beneficiaries. The study comes after stakeholders have complained about the expensive prices that are charged by toll road operators (most of which are state-controlled companies). Indonesian President Joko Widodo said a price cut of up to 30 percent is possible. A cheaper price would improve the competitiveness in the logistics sector.

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  • Indonesian Companies in Focus: Toll Road Operator Jasa Marga

    State-controlled toll road constructor and operator Jasa Marga is expected to post rising revenue and net profit in the years to come as its toll road network is expanding amid the government's drive to push for infrastructure development, including toll road development. Recently Jasa Marga was awarded four toll road projects - all on the island of Java - with a total length of 262.3 kilometers (valued at IDR 18.4 trillion). Up to 2017 Jasa Marga plans to commission some 313 kilometers of toll road.

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