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  • BHP Billiton Considers to Stop Operations at its Indonesian Coal Assets

    Australia-based BHP Billiton, the multinational firm engaged in copper, iron, gold, and coal mining, is reportedly considering to stop operations at its Indonesian coal mining sites - or even to sell these assets - due to the unattractive outlook for the global coal price. Through a 75 percent stake in IndoMet Coal, BHP Billiton holds seven (long-standing) Coal Contracts of Work (PKP2B) in Central Kalimantan. The company is now conducting a strategic review of all its business operations (including the Indonesian assets) to determine which direction to take.

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  • Coal Mining Indonesia: Power Program, Price, Production & Renegotiations

    Conditions remain tough for Indonesian coal miners in the post-2000s commodity boom. Plagued by low global coal prices since 2008, Indonesian coal miners first raised production rates in order to maintain healthy balance sheets (hence exacerbating the supply glut and putting more downward pressure on coal prices). As this backfired, they then put in place more cost-efficient policies (such as curbing the stripping ratio) in an effort to safeguard profits. However, as prices continued to slide miners are now forced to limit production to survive.

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  • Indonesia Coal Update: Export, Production and New License System

    The Indonesian government cannot inform yet about the exact impact of the recently introduced ‘Listed Exporter’ status (Indonesian: Eksportir Terdaftar, ET) on Indonesian coal exports. In the first three quarters of 2014, Indonesia exported a total of 234.8 million tons of coal. The government targets to produce between 390 and 420 million tons of coal this year (of which 90 million tons are required to be absorbed by the domestic market). However, newly introduced rules in the coal industry have led to confusion and may limit coal exports.

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  • Coal Mining News Update Indonesia: Production, Export and China Ban

    Indonesia’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources said that in the period January-August 2014 Indonesian coal production reached 280 million tons and coal exports 224 million tons. Director General for Coal and Mineral Resources R. Sukhyar added that miners that hold Coal Contracts of Work (PKP2B) account for 80 percent of total domestic coal production, while Mining Business Permit (IUP) holders account for the remainder. The Ministry targets total coal production to reach between 390 and 420 million tons in 2014.

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  • Introduction New Export Rules for Indonesian Coal Miners Delayed

    Indonesia's tighter coal export policy, originally scheduled to be implemented on 1 September 2014 has been delayed one month. Director General for Coal and Mineral Resources at the Ministry for Energy and Mineral Resources, R. Sukhyar, explained that this delay does not mean that the policy will be changed. Indonesian coal miners still need to obtain a ‘listed exporter’ status (Eksportir Terdaftar, ET) from the ministry to export coal. The new rule applies to miners that hold Coal Contracts of Work (PKP2B) and Mining Business Permits (IUP).

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  • Coal Mining Industry Indonesia: Troubled Licenses & Falling Prices

    The government of Indonesia is eager to use current low coal prices as the context to push for consolidation in the country’s coal mining sector. Sudirman Said, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, announced that the government may revoke over 4,000 troubled mining licenses this month and install a better licensing system. Licenses that may be revoked are Mining Business Permits (IUPs), not the long-standing Coal Contracts of Work (PKP2B) that are held by companies such as Bumi Resources and Berau Coal Energy.

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  • Coal Mining Industry Indonesia: Higher Royalties for IUP-Holders

    The government of Indonesia plans to raise royalties for coal mining companies that hold a Mining Business Permit (Izin Usaha Pertambangan, abbreviated IUP) by revising Government Regulation No. 9 - 2012 on Tariff and Types of Non-Tax Revenue in a move to generate more state income. R. Sukhyar, Director General for Coal and Mineral Resources at the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, said that the domestic coal industry remains a vital source of state income, particularly amid diminished mineral exports.

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  • Government of Indonesia Plans to Raise Royalties for Coal Miners

    Indonesia's Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources plans to set royalties for all types of coal at 13.5 percent (of net sales) as part of a revision of Government Regulation No. 9 - 2012 on Tariff and Types of Non-Tax Revenue. Currently, the percentage of royalty depends on the quality of the coal that is extracted as well as the type of permit that is issued to the coal miner. Apart from higher coal royalties, the Indonesian government also proposes a windfall profits tax in case there is a sharp upward price correction.

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  • Plan to Increase Revenues from Indonesia's Coal Sector may Backfire

    Concerns have arisen over the government's plan to increase royalties and export duties for coal. The Indonesian Coal Mining Association (APBI) expects that this policy will lead to the closure of various coal miners while increasing acts of illegal mining. According to Bob Kamandanu, chairman of the APBI, 60 million tons of coal per year is not listed by any authority and thus can be labeled 'illegal'. Illegal coal mining also implies that the Indonesian government misses out on about IDR 5.6 trillion (USD $495.6 million) per year.

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