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  • Bank Indonesia Used Foreign Exchange Reserves to Support Rupiah

    The central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) announced that the country’s foreign exchange reserves fell by USD $3.9 billion to USD $111.6 billion at the end of March 2015 as the central bank used part of the forex reserves to support the Indonesian rupiah which had started to depreciate markedly due to bullish US dollar momentum amid further looming monetary tightening in the USA. The rupiah had fallen to a 17-year low of IDR 13,237 per US dollar in mid-March as market players are anticipating an interest rate hike in the USA.

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  • Stocks & Currency: Asian Emerging Markets Relieved after Fed Minutes

    Stocks & Currency: Asian Emerging Markets Relieved after Fed Minutes

    Minutes of the Federal Reserve’s latest FOMC meeting (17-18 March), released Wednesday (08/04), show that the US central bank is divided about the timing of higher US interest rates. Several policymakers would approve such an interest rate hike in June 2015, while others would prefer to see rates increase later this year or even next year as they consider that the US economy is still not strong enough yet. However, when reading the minutes there are some signs suggesting that the institution is on course to raise its key rate this year.

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  • Rupiah Update: Weak US Jobs Data Supports Indonesian Assets

    Rupiah Update: Weak US Jobs Data Supports Indonesian Assets

    Indonesian stocks and the rupiah are performing well on Monday’s trading day (06/04) after weak US economic data suggests that the US central bank (Federal Reserve) will still refrain from raising its key interest rate too soon. Weaker-than-expected US jobs data caused that most Southeast Asian stock markets strengthened today. Moreover, the rupiah also felt the positive impact. According to the Bloomberg Dollar Index, the rupiah had appreciated 0.54 percent to IDR 12,950 per US dollar by 15:17 pm local Jakarta time.

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  • Indonesia Market Update: Why Stocks Go Up but the Rupiah Goes Down?

    Indonesia Market Update: Why Stocks Go Up but the Rupiah Goes Down?

    Indonesian stocks continued to climb strongly after the market opened on Tuesday (31/03). The country’s benchmark Jakarta Composite Index (IHSG) surged nearly one percent. Several external and internal factors are at play here. Firstly, the US Federal Reserve indicated over the past week that it may not raise its key interest rate too soon, leading to investors’ appetite for emerging market assets. Secondly, Chinese policymakers provided room for increased infrastructure spending and monetary stimulus.

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  • Stocks & Rupiah Update Indonesia: Impact of Janet Yellen’s Statements

    Whereas the Indonesian rupiah is depreciating on Monday’s trading day (30/03), Indonesian stocks climb significantly. At 14:15 pm local Jakarta time, the benchmark stock index (Jakarta Composite Index) had gained 0.93 percent to 5,444.27 points. In line with other Asian markets, Indonesia’s stock index felt the positive impact of Fed Chief Janet Yellen’s statements on Friday (27/03). Yellen indicated in a speech in San Francisco that it is riskier to raise US interest rates too fast than to raise them too slowly.

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  • Rupiah versus US Dollar; Faktor-Faktor yang Berperan

    Indonesian Rupiah versus US Dollar; Factors at Play

    Dalam beberapa hari terakhir dollar Amerika Serikat (AS) kembali mendapatkan momentum bullish dan menguat terhadap sebagian besar mata uang termasuk rupiah. Dollar AS berada di bawah tekanan setelah Federal Reserve memberikan sinyal - kontras dengan ekspektasi pasar - bahwa Fed tidak akan menaikkan suku bunga dalam waktu dekat karena prospek pertumbuhan ekonomi AS dan inflasi AS belum ada di posisi yang diinginkan. Hal ini membuat aset pasar-pasar lebih menarik untuk jangka pendek. Namun, perkembangan ini tampaknya hanya berlangsung sebentar.

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  • Update Mata Uang Indonesia: Rupiah Menguat, Dollar Amerika Melemah

    Indonesian Currency Update: Stronger Rupiah, Weaker US Dollar

    Nilai tukar rupiah mengawali minggu ini dengan posisi kuat karena dollar Amerika Serikat (AS) melemah akibat ketidakjelasan mengenai waktu kenaikan suku bunga AS. Kontras dengan dugaan awal, meeting Federal Reserve yang terakhir (diadakan 17-18 Maret) mengindikasikan bahwa belum akan ada kenaikan suku bunga dalam waktu singkat di negara dengan ekonomi terbesar. Hal ini mendorong meningkatnya minat untuk aset-aset pasar negara berkembang. Apalagi, Pemerintah Indonesia dan Bank Indonesia berjanji akan menjaga stabilitas rupiah.

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  • Apa yang Mempengaruhi Performa Rupiah Minggu ini?

    Tampaknya, pesan Federal Reserve bahwa Fed masih menunda menaikkan suku bunga di Amerika Serikat (AS) hanya mengimplikasikan periode singkat pelemahan dollar AS terhadap mata uang Asia. Pada hari Jumat (20/03), rupiah melemah 0,51% menjadi Rp 13.124 per dollar AS menurut Bloomberg Dollar Index. Volatilitas tinggi pada saat ini juga merupakan akibat dari kebijakan berbeda yang diterapkan oleh berbagai bank sentral. Sementara Federal Reserve AS bertekad untuk lebih mengetatkan kebijakan moneternya, bank sentral di Jepang dan Eropa melakukan sebaliknya.

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  • Rupiah & Saham Indonesia Menguat setelah Pertemuan Federal Reserve

    Indonesian Rupiah & Stocks Strong after Federal Reserve Meeting

    Saham di Indonesia dan nilai tukar rupiah menguat tajam pada hari Kamis (19/03) setelah Federal Reserve menunda menaikkan suku bunga acuannya dalam Pertemuan Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) selama dua hari yang berakhir pada hari Rabu (18/03) karena inflasi Amerika Serikat (AS) masih rendah sedangkan pertumbuhan ekonomi AS sedikit melambat. Bank sentral AS menberikan sinyal bahwa Fed tidak terburu-buru untuk menaikkan suku bunga acuannya. Di sisi lain, Fed juga menghapuskan kata 'sabar' dari panduannya untuk suku bunga (yang berada dalam posisi paling rendah sejak akhir 2008).

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  • Bank Sentral Indonesia Pertahankan Suku Bunga Acuan di 7,50% di Maret

    Central Bank of Indonesia Keeps Key Interest Rate at 7.50% in March

    Bank Sentral Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) memutuskan untuk tetap menjaga suku bunga acuannya pada 7,5% sebagai hasil keputusan pertemuan Dewan Gubernur Bank Indonesia (BI) yang dilakukan hari ini. Suku bunga overnight deposit facility dan suku bunga lending facility dipertahankan masing-masing 5,5% dan 8%. BI menganggap bahwa kondisi suku bunga saat ini sesuai dengan targetnya untuk mendorong inflasi ke dalam target antara 3,0% sampai 5,0% dalam basis year on year (y/y) di tahun 2015 dan mengurangi defisit neraca transaksi berjalan Indonesia antara 2,5% sampai 3,0% dari produk domestik bruto (PDB).

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Artikel Terbaru JISDOR

  • Impact of Fed's Interest Rate Hike on the Value of Indonesia's Rupiah

    Impact of Fed's Interest Rate Hike on the Value of Indonesia's Rupiah

    Stock markets in Asia are mixed, yet tepid on Friday (16/12) after the US Federal Reserve raised its interest rate regime for the second time in a decade on Wednesday (14/12). Although the Fed's move was widely anticipated (and therefore already "priced in" to a high degree) it still resulted in some capital outflows from Asia's stock markets on Thursday (13/12). Japan, as usual, is the notable exception as US dollar strength (or yen weakness) makes Japan's export-oriented stocks more attractive.

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  • Indonesian President Widodo: Focus Less on US Dollar as Benchmark

    Indonesian President Widodo: Focus Less on Dollar as Benchmark

    Indonesian President Joko Widodo said market participants should reduce their focus on the US dollar as benchmark for Indonesia's rupiah currency. Instead of the US dollar, it is better to use China's renminbi, the European Union's euro, or Japan's yen as a benchmark for the rupiah as these rates better reflect the fundamentals of Southeast Asia's largest economy. The rupiah has come under pressure against the US dollar after Donald Trump's victory in the 2016 US presidential election.

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  • Financial Market Update Indonesia: What Happened Last Week?

    Financial Market Update Indonesia: What Happened Last Week?

    Many things happened this week. A devastating terror attack in Nice (France) killed at least 84 people, while - at the time of writing - a coup attempt occurred in Turkey (that seems to have failed). However, these events have little impact on the performance of global stocks and currencies (with the obvious exception of the Turkish lira). Wall Street touched record highs, while Indonesian stocks rose to a 13-month high and the Indonesian rupiah strengthened to a four-month high. Lets take a closer look at the performance of these markets over the past week.

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  • Can the Indonesian Rupiah Continue to Rally?

    Can the Indonesian Rupiah Continue to Rally?

    Over the last few months, we have seen some impressive gains in the Indonesian rupiah (IDR) relative to the US dollar (USD). When we compare the performance of the IDR against the rest of the emerging market space, we can see that its gains are behind only the Brazilian real (BRL) and the Malaysian ringgit (MYR) for the period. This has prompted a wave of foreign export purchases as Indonesian consumers look to take advantage of the stronger currency.

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  • Indonesia Stock Market & Rupiah Update: US Payrolls & Rate Hike Expectations Surge

    Indonesia Stock Market & Rupiah Update: US Payrolls & Rate Hike Expectations Surge

    Indonesian assets weakened on Friday (06/11) on expectation that US non-farm payrolls and US employment data would improve, suggesting that a Fed Fund Rate hike may occur in December 2015. Such expectations were correct. After Indonesian and other Asian markets had closed on Friday, the US Labor Department announced that October payrolls rose 271,000 (the largest increase this year), while the US unemployment rate touched a seven-year low at 5 percent. Furthermore, the average hourly earnings over the past 12 months climbed by the most since 2009.

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  • Market Update: Why Indonesian Stocks & Rupiah Strengthen on Friday?

    Market Update: Why Indonesian Stocks & Rupiah Strengthen on Friday?

    After a real roller coaster ride, Indonesia’s benchmark stock index (Jakarta Composite Index) climbed 0.35 percent to 4,446.20 points at the end of the trading week. The majority of key stock indices across the globe tended to strengthen on Friday after a week characterized by severe volatility amid concern about the economic situation in China.

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  • Indonesia’s Currency still above 14,000 per USD, Why a Weak Rupiah is a Problem

    Although Indonesian stocks managed to rebound, the rupiah continued to depreciate against the US dollar today (25/08). However, rupiah weakening was limited as Bank Indonesia was closely monitoring and intervening in markets to support the rupiah. Based on the Bloomberg Dollar Index, the Indonesian rupiah depreciated 0.03 percent to IDR 14,054 per US dollar. As significant further rupiah weakening is assumed to seriously undermine confidence in the rupiah, the central bank’s intervention efforts are well received by investors.

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  • Currency Update: Why Indonesia’s Rupiah Touches a 17-Year Low

    Currency Update: Why Indonesia’s Rupiah Touches a 17-Year Low

    The Indonesian rupiah touched a 17-year low as the currency continued to depreciate amid persistent bullish US dollar momentum. The rupiah weakened to IDR 13,539 per US dollar according to the Bloomberg Dollar Index on Friday (31/07). The US Commerce Department announced on Thursday (30/07) that US gross domestic product (GDP) expanded at 2.3 percent (year-on-year) in the second quarter of 2015, giving rise to heightened expectation that the US Federal Reserve will raise its key interest rate soon.

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  • Indonesian Rupiah Headed for more Declines against US Dollar

    Indonesian Rupiah Headed for more Declines against US Dollar

    For most of this year, the Indonesian rupiah has met selling pressure against the US Dollar. Year-to-date price activity in the USD/IDR shows a rise from below IDR 12,250 to new highs above IDR 13,330 per US dollar. For Indonesian export companies, this is great news as it means that their products will be cheaper for foreign consumers to buy. For the domestic economy, this creates a different set of implications as it also makes it less likely that foreign investors will be looking to buy into Indonesian assets.

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