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  • Nautical Tourism Sector of Indonesia: an Untapped Potential

    Nautical Tourism Sector of Indonesia: an Untapped Potential

    The Indonesian government wants to increase the role of nautical tourism in the economy. Currently, nautical tourism only contributes 10 percent to the whole tourism industry of Indonesia. However, by 2019 the government wants to see the figure having doubled to 20 percent, or worth roughly USD $4 billion. Expansion should be achieved by expanding the number of tourist destinations across the Indonesian Archipelago. Nautical tourism includes the marina, charter and cruise industries that combine sailing and boating with holiday activities.

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  • Soechi Lines Eying Opportunities in Indonesia's Maritime Sector

    Soechi Lines Eying Opportunities in Indonesia's Maritime Sector

    As Indonesian President Joko Widodo is eager to turn Indonesia into a global maritime force by developing an international hub for sea trade, shipping company Soechi Lines is in a good position to take advantage of this push. Moreover, ever-growing oil consumption in Indonesia causes increasing demand for ship chartering. Soechi Lines has a fleet consisting of 37 ships (including oil tankers, chemical tankers and gas carriers) with a cargo capacity of 1.48 million tons and controlling a market share of 16 percent.

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  • Infrastruktur Update Indonesia: Terminal Batubara Bukit Asam Dibuka

    Infrastructure Indonesia Update: Bukit Asam’s Tarahan Coal Terminal Opened

    Menteri Transportasi Indonesia Ignatius Jonan meresmikan terminal batubara baru, dimiliki oleh perusahaan milik negara penambang batubara Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam, di Tarahan (Sumatra Selatan) pada hari Rabu (10/06). Terminal batubara Tarahan ini, yang membutuhkan investasi 152 juta dollar AS, kini telah menjadi terminal komersil terbesar di Indonesia dan memiliki kemampuan untuk mengakomodasi kapal dengan kapasitas maksimum 210.000 dead-weight tonnage (DWT). Kapasitas maksimum dari terminal ini dijadwalkan untuk diperbesar menjadi 240.000 DWT.

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  • Positive Structural Change in Indonesia’s Current Account Deficit?

    Positive Structural Change in Indonesia’s Current Account Deficit?

    The current account deficit of Indonesia, which is expected to have improved slightly from 3.3 percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2013 to about 3 percent of GDP in 2014, is forecast to continue to improve in 2015 hence placing less pressures on the rupiah exchange rate and the economy in general. A wide current account deficit makes the country vulnerable to capital outflows in times of global shocks (for example looming higher US interest rates) as the deficit signals that Indonesia relies on foreign funding.

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  • Joko Widodo: Construction Sunda Strait Bridge is No Priority

    The administration of Indonesian President Joko Widodo (popularly known as Jokowi) will not give priority status to the Sunda Strait Bridge project. As such, the new government’s stance is in direct contrast to the previous administration’s stance toward the ambitious infrastructure project. The Sunda Strait Bridge, a planned road and railway connection between the two (westernmost) Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java, was placed high on the agenda of the government led by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

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  • Indonesia under Jokowi’s Cabinet: Technocrats vs Party Politicians

    Indonesia’s seventh president Joko Widodo (better known as Jokowi), who will take office in late October 2014 thereby replacing incumbent President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), said that during the next five years the Indonesian government will consist of 34 ministries of which 18 are headed by technocrats and 16 by “professional” party politicians. This structure is basically the same as that of the current SBY-led government. In modern Indonesian history the distinction between technocrats and party politicians has been an important one.

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  • Bilateral Economic Relations Belgium & Indonesia: 5th Economic Mission

    Bilateral Economic Relations Belgium & Indonesia: 5th Economic Mission

    Until 19 March, a Belgian mission - led by Princess Astrid, accompanied by four ministers and 301 participants (including 127 company representatives) - visits Indonesia in an effort to strengthen bilateral economic cooperation between both nations and boost foreign direct investment from Belgium into Indonesia. According to the Belgian Embassy, the ongoing mission in Indonesia is the fifth - and largest ever - economic mission conducted by Belgium in Southeast Asia's largest economy. Belgium is the fifth-largest investor from the European Union (EU).

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