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  • Jakarta-Bandung Railway Project Plagued by Land Acquisition Trouble

    One of the biggest problems in relation to infrastructure development or construction projects in Indonesia is the land acquisition process. Many projects have been delayed - or cancelled altogether - because local land owners refuse to sell their land to the developers of the project, or, they only agree to sell land at very costly prices.

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  • Infrastructure in Indonesia: Update Jakarta-Surabaya Railway

    The Indonesian government plans to show results of the prefeasibility study for the revitalization of the north coast railroad - that connects Jakarta and Surabaya on the island of Java - to Japan immediately after the study has been completed. Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, Indonesia's Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs, said the government is expecting to start discussing the project in early August 2017.

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  • Infrastructure Indonesia: Loan for Jakarta-Bandung Railway Signed

    A large chunk of the costs for the development of Indonesia's first high-speed railway - between the capital city of Jakarta and Bandung - is covered now a consortium of Indonesian and Chinese companies signed a USD $4.5 billion loan with the China Development Bank. This loan should cover about 75 percent of the total (estimated) costs to develop this railway. In 2015 the Indonesian government, rather unexpectedly, awarded the contract for this project to China, sidestepping Japan that thought it would be appointed to establish this railway.

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  • Railways in Indonesia: Jakarta-Surabaya Medium-Speed Train

    Budi Karya Sumadi, Indonesian Minister of Transportation, said the preliminary study into the medium-speed Jakarta-Surabaya railway could be completed before the end of 2016. In a bid to enhance connectivity and curtail logistics costs the government of Indonesia encourages the construction of a medium-speed railway linking Indonesia's capital city of Jakarta (on the western part of Java) to the nation's second-largest city of Surabaya in East Java. The preliminary study was started three weeks ago.

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  • Construction Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway Project to Start?

    Next week construction of the high-speed Jakarta-Bandung railway project may finally start as the government is set to issue the necessary construction permit that allows for the development of Indonesia's first-ever high-speed railway project. This railway will connect Indonesia's capital city of Jakarta to the city of Bandung in West Java. Although the groundbreaking ceremony was conducted in January 2016 the project - similar to many other infrastructure projects in Indonesia - has been plagued by a long delay.

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  • Wika Beton to Benefit from Jakarta-Bandung Railway Project

    One of the Indonesian companies - listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange - that is in a great position to improve its corporate earnings on the back of the construction of the country's first high-speed railway is Wijaya Karya Beton (Wika Beton). The railway between Jakarta and Bandung has a length of 142 kilometers and requires a large amount of precast concrete. Moreover, Wika Beton is a subsidiary of Wijaya Karya. This construction company is among the companies that develop the Jakarta-Bandung railway.

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  • Indonesia Membatalkan Proyek Kereta Berkecepatan Tinggi Jakarta-Bandung

    Indonesia telah membatalkan pengembangan jalur kereta berkecepatan tinggi antara Ibukota Jakarta dan Bandung (Jawa Barat) karena Presiden Joko Widodo memutuskan bahwa Indonesia tidak membutuhkan sebuah kereta yang bisa mencapai kecepatan lebih dari 300 kilometer (km) per jam untuk rute yang relatif singkat (150 km) di antara kedua kota. Selain jarak yang pendek, juga akan ada sekitar 14 stasiun yang didirikan di antara dua stasiun terminal, mengimplikasikan bahwa kereta ini perlu direm berkali-kali sebelum bisa mencapai kecepatan maksimumnya.

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  • Proyek Kereta Berkecepatan Tinggi Pertama di Indonesia: Pertarungan antara Cina dan Jepang

    Menurut rumor terbaru, pemerintah Indonesia cenderung memilih Republik Rakyat Tiongkok (RRT) untuk mendirikan jalur kereta berkecepatan tinggi yang pertama di Indonesia yang akan menghubungkan Daerah Khusus Ibukota (DKI) Jakarta dan Bandung, ibukota Provinsi Jawa Barat. Selama beberapa minggu terakhir ‘pertarungan’ meningkat antara RRT dan Jepang mengenai pihak mana yang akan mendapatkan kontrak untuk mendirikan jalur kereta berkecepatan tinggi dan berprofil tinggi antara kedua kota (bernilai kira-kira 5 miliar dollar Amerika Serikat).

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  • Infrastructure in Indonesia; Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Train Project Needs More Time & Money

    On 30 September 2021 Indonesia’s House of Representatives (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat, DPR) approved the 2022 State Budget (Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Negara, APBN) that had previously been proposed by the cabinet. And with 14.2 percent of total government spending being reserved for infrastructure development in the 2022 State Budget, the Indonesian government confirms that it remains committed to much-needed infrastructure development.

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  • Infrastructure in Indonesia: Jakarta-Soetta Airport Train Launched

    In his quest to improve infrastructure in Indonesia, President Joko Widodo inaugurated the railway service that links the capital city of Jakarta to the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Indonesia's busiest airport, on Tuesday (02/01). With the new train, called Railink, people can reach the airport - located about 30 kilometers to the northwest of Jakarta - in about one hour.

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  • China to Build Indonesia's High-Speed Railway Jakarta-Bandung Project

    Last week it was officially announced that China Railway International Co. Ltd, subsidiary of China Railway Group Ltd, together with a consortium consisting of Indonesian state-owned enterprises (which include Pilar Sinergi BUMN Indonesia, Wijaya Karya, Kereta Api, and Jasa Marga) will build Indonesia's first ever high-speed railway, valued at over USD $5 billion, between the capital city of Jakarta and Bandung (in West Java), a route that stretches for approximately 150 km.

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  • Infrastructure in Indonesia: President Yudhoyono Targets Start of 13 Projects

    Before the second and final term of Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has finished on 20 October 2014, the groundbreaking of a total of 13 infrastructure projects should have been conducted. These 13 projects are diverse ranging from toll roads to steam power plants and the extension of the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport located nearby Jakarta. One of these 13 projects - the IDR 9.65 trillion Trans Sulawesi Railway project - has already had its groundbreaking in mid-August 2014.

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