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Berita Hari Ini Debt Markets Indonesia

  • Taking a Look into Indonesia's Public Debt to GDP Ratio

    Indonesia's public debt - as a percentage of the nation's gross domestic product (GDP) - currently stands at 27 percent, or roughly IDR 3,200 trillion (approx. USD $241 billion). This debt is manageable and actually quite low compared to other key emerging economies or advanced economies. For example, Malaysia's and Brazil's public debt-to-GDP ratios reached 56 percent and 70 percent, respectively. Meanwhile, the ratios of the USA and Japan stand at 105 percent and 246 percent, respectively. However, the level of debt is not that important. The important question is how is this debt used?

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  • Indonesia Sees Peak in Maturing Debt Paper in 2016

    Although a huge amount of debt paper will mature in 2016, there is few concern that the Indonesian government and the nation's private companies will fail to meet their debt obligations. Per 17 February, total outstanding debt paper that is to mature in 2016 stands at IDR 320.9 trillion (approx. USD $23.8 billion), consisting of IDR 268.1 trillion (approx. USD $19.9 billion) of government bonds (Surat Utang Negara or SUN) and IDR 52.8 trillion (approx. USD $3.9 billion) of private sector corporate bonds. Why are there no major concerns about Indonesia's debt situation in 2016?

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  • Islamic Finance in Indonesia: Sale of Sukuk Retail Bonds

    Indonesia eyes to raise IDR 20 trillion (USD $1.6 billion) from the sale of sukuk, Islamic bonds, to Indonesian citizens between 23 February and 6 March 2015. These three-year Sharia-compliant retail bonds (SR-007 retail sukuk) offer an 8.25 percent coupon rate, the highest premium over existing securities in two years. The minimum order for these bonds starts at IDR 5 million and the maximum is IDR 5 billion. The Indonesian Finance Ministry said that proceeds of the debt sales will be used to finance the country’s state-budget deficit.

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  • Government of Indonesia Raises $1 Billion in Tuesday’s Bond Auction

    The Finance Ministry of Indonesia announced that the government sold IDR 12 trillion (roughly USD $1 billion) worth of conventional bonds on Tuesday (14/10), far above the indicative target of IDR 8 trillion (USD $667 million). High demand shows that investors have confidence in the debt markets of Southeast Asia’s largest economy. Previously, it had been reported that proceeds of the bonds will be used to finance the country’s budget deficit in 2014. Six series of bonds, with maturities ranging between 2015 and 2044, were offered.

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  • Government of Indonesia Eyes $657 Million in Tuesday’s Bond Auction

    The government of Indonesia eyes to raise up to IDR 8 trillion (USD $667 million) in a bond auction set for Tuesday (14/10). The proceeds of this bond issuance will be used to finance the country’s state budget deficit in 2014. The Finance Ministry said that the Indonesian government will offer six series of bonds, with maturities ranging between 2015 and 2044. For analysts this issuance is an important test to measure investors’ confidence (particularly foreign investors) in Indonesia’s debt markets.

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