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Berita Hari Ini Gold Price

  • Gold Miner Archi Indonesia Postpones Initial Public Offering (IPO)

    Gold miner Archi Indonesia, unit of the Rajawali Corpora Group, decided to postpone its initial public offering (IPO) on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) due to the sluggish global economy resulting in the weak global gold price (which is currently touching four-year lows). Archi Indonesia’s IPO was planned to be held this December and was estimated to be the largest IPO on the IDX in 2014 in terms of capital raised (roughly USD $285 million), exceeding the value of taxi operator Blue Bird’s IPO earlier this year.

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Artikel Terbaru Gold Price

  • Understanding Precious Metals Trends - Investment Instruments Indonesia

    For some Indonesian investors, trends in the precious metals markets might seem difficult to understand. This is often because changing valuations are often based on external events that are not directly related to the Indonesian economy. But when we look at the global factors that typically create rising and falling price moves in the precious metals, it becomes easier to find ways of positioning investments for what is likely to come next.

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  • Gold or Stocks: Which is Best for Indonesian Investors?

    When we look at all of the activity in financial markets this year, some interesting trends have started to emerge for those looking to invest in Asia. Stock markets in Indonesia have shown strong rallies, and have started to reverse many of the multi-year declines that have been characterizing the region. This inspired a great deal of attention for Indonesia’s stock benchmarks, as it is looking increasingly likely that improvements in the underlying economic data will continue bringing in buyers for these markets.

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  • Indonesia Policy Easing Could Mean More Gold Production in 2015

    When we look at activity in the precious metals markets over the last decade, one of the biggest developing trends has been the increase in both demand and production output from emerging Asian economies. For most of this period, Indonesia has been participating with these trends - especially on the production output front. As recently as 2009, Indonesia was responsible for 130 tons worth of gold production, as mining activity becomes more efficient and increased investment resources flow into the country.

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