Oil company Kernel Oil Pte Ltd, headquartered in Singapore, had won a crude oil tender for which it - allegedly - paid bribes to Rubiandini. The company has not given any comments on the case yet. Oil Kernel is an oil trader that is listed as a partner of SKK Migas.

Rubiandini was installed as head of the SKK Migas on 16 January 2013. Previously, Rubiandini, an oil and gas expert from the state-run Bandung Institute of Technology, was the deputy of the energy and mineral resources minister.

The arrest of Rubiandini and his possible involvement in a bribery affair is yet another example of the various corruption cases that emerges within the higher political circles of Indonesia. The continued emergence of such scandals seriously undermines people's trust in Indonesian politics. To read more about corruption in Indonesia, please visit our Corruption section.

Rubiandini's tasks at Indonesia’s upstream oil and gas regulator will be taken over by Johannes Widjanarko. SKK Migas is now working with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to keep operations running smoothly.