It is estimated that more than 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed across the world, each day! Some in fact claim that coffee is “the world's second most legally traded commodity” in human history (after crude oil); a claim that has been disputed by others. Nonetheless, coffee (in hot or iced varieties) is among the most popular drinks in many societies around the globe.

As such, coffee has a clear economic value for those countries that produce and export the coffee bean. In the major coffee producing countries, millions of local people make a livelihood in the upstream coffee industry, for example by picking the coffee fruit or by roasting it, while the exports cause the inflow of lucrative foreign exchange earnings.

This article discusses:

Why does Indonesia rank among the world's top coffee producers and exporters?

Arabica versus robusta coffee beans. What does Indonesia produce and in which provinces?

 What explains the historic low coffee price over the past couple of years, and what are the possible consequences?

Rising coffee consumption in Indonesia.

Indonesia's specialty coffees.

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