An agreement could be reached within a couple of weeks, sources close to the matter informed. Possibly the deal includes the requirement for Google to pay back taxes and fines. Google may also have to agree to to a new calculation of profits made within Indonesia.

In September 2016 Muhammad Hanif, Head of the Tax Office's Special Cases Department, said Google could face claims for five years of back taxes, including a bill of over USD $418 million for full-year 2015 as the company is estimated to have paid less than 0.1 percent of the total income and value-added taxes it owed Indonesia in 2015.

Singapore-based Google Asia Pacific declined to be audited in June 2016 (on grounds it is only doing tax planning), prompting Indonesia's Tax Office to threaten to conduct a more thorough investigation into "Google's tax avoidance" in Indonesia.

Not only Indonesia is encouraging Google to pay tax to the government, also authorities in England, Italy and France are pushing the American giant to pay tax.

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