What do we discuss in this report? Firstly, as usual, we discuss the Indonesian economy, particularly by taking a closer look at various macroeconomic data such as retail sales, consumer confidence and credit growth. We also give attention to the World Bank's decision to promote Indonesia to the 'upper middle income country' status as per Indonesia's capita gross national income (GNI) has risen sufficiently over the past year.

Secondly, we devote attention to the passing (by Indonesia's House of Representatives, or DPR) of the new Health Bill. Not only do we discuss the changes that will be brought by this new law but we also explain why it is important for an economy to have healthy people, and discuss several structural problems in Indonesia's healthcare sector.

Thirdly, there is again reason to zoom in on protectionism in the mining sector as the Indonesian government is expected to have a bigger stake in nickel miner Vale Indonesia. Both sides are now discussing the renewal of the mining permit (Vale Indonesia's existing permit will expire in 2025), and this will include a mandatory share divestment.

Other topics in this month's edition are car sales and exports, inflation, manufacturing, trade, monetary policy (both in the US and Indonesia) and the performance of the rupiah rate.

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