Indonesian Police announced on Wednesday afternoon (21/12) that the three killed militants were called Omen, Irwan and Helmi. At the housing complex in Tangerang investigators found several handmade bombs.

Earlier this morning, police arrested alleged militant Adam Noor Syam (also in South Tangerang), who then tipped the police about the bombs and militants at the housing complex in South Tangerang. According to Noor Syam one of the bombs would be used to attack a traffic police shelter in Serpong (Tangerang) later this year. Other bombs may have been manufactured for terror acts during Christmas or New Year celebrations.

In early December 2016 Densus 88 arrested four people, presumably members of Bahrun Naim's terrorist cell in Solo and Klaten (Central Java), who allegedly tried to bomb Jakarta's State Palace on a car-free Sunday.

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