The government of Indonesia should provide a more conducive investment climate for Internet entrepreneurs as investments are needed to be able to achieve the aforementioned targets regarding Internet user growth in Southeast Asia's largest economy. For example, facilitating Internet service providers by easing the act of doing business in the country's Internet sector. Currently, all sorts of requirements, particularly those related to the universal service obligation (USO), cause slow development in the country's Internet sector.

    2011   2012
Number of Internet
in Indonesia
    55     63     71

in millions

Some trivia about Internet in Indonesia:

By the end of 2012, Indonesia had an Internet penetration ratio of 22.1 percent. This constitutes a low figure compared to several of its regional peers: Malaysia (60.7 percent), Vietnam (33.9 percent), Thailand (30.0 percent), and Singapore (75 percent).

 Indonesia's contains many illegal Internet services providers due to weak law enforcement.

 Internet growth in Indonesia is mainly supported by the mobile broadband segment due to the country's high demand for social media applications and mobile videos. Around 50 percent of Indonesian Internet users use a mobile phone to access the Internet.

 Indonesia has the world's second largest Facebook community and the third largest Twitter community.

The highest Internet usage density of Indonesia is found in the western part of the country (Java, Bali and Sumatra) where telecommunication infrastructure is much more developed than in the other regions.