The cigarette manufacturing industry can be labelled a controversial industry. On the one hand it is now commonly accepted that smoking has very negative consequences for people's health (for both direct and indirect smokers), with in particular cardiovascular diseases being a real risk.

But, on the other hand, the cigarette manufacturing industry is one of the most valuable industries within the Indonesian economy. It creates plenty of employment opportunities for the local population (some claim that in total some 12 million households benefit - directly or indirectly - from the tobacco and cigarette industries) and brings in much-needed government revenue.

This article discusses:

- Indonesia's culture of smoking
- Negative consequences of smoking on Indonesia's health and demographic bonus
- The rising number of female smokers in Indonesia
- The importance of the cigarette manufacturing industry for the Indonesian economy (employment opportunities and state revenue)
- The latest government plan to raise the excise tax on cigarettes (including reactions from stakeholders)
- and more ...

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