Originally, the KPU planned to announce these results on Wednesday (22.05.2019). However, due to the ongoing tensions in the country, it apparently decided to make the announcement at a different date and time in an effort to safeguard order in a country that has been heavily divided by the latest elections.

There are two reasons behind these tensions: (1) supporters of defeated presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto are expected to protest against the KPU's announcement as Subianto has already tried to encourage so-called 'people power' (in the form of resistance against authorities) as he claims the election results are influenced by massive fraud, and (2) many terrorist suspects have been arrested in recent weeks in Indonesia as these terrorists allegedly plan to engage in attacks on the day of the KPU announcement (which was originally scheduled for 22 May 2019).

According to the KPU, Widodo and his running mate Ma'ruf Amin secured 55.50 percent of the votes, thereby defeating Subianto and his running mate Sandiaga Uno (44.50 percent). A total of 154.26 million votes were considered valid in the presidential election. After the announcement, participants in the 2019 elections have three days to challenge the results at Indonesia's Constitutional Court.

In the legislative election, the PDI-P obtained 19.33 percent of the votes, followed by Subianto's Gerindra party (12.57 percent), and Golkar (12.31 percent).

1. PDI-P: 27,053,961 (19.33 percent)
2. Gerindra: 17,594,839 (12.57 percent)
3. Golkar: 17,229,789 (12.31 percent)
4. PKB: 13,570,097 (9.69 percent)
5. NasDem: 12,661,792 (9.05 percent)
6. PKS: 11,493,663 (8.21 percent)
7. Demokrat: 10,876,507 (7.77 percent)
8. PAN: 9,572,623 (6.84 percent)
9. PPP: 6,323,147 (4.52 percent)

Based on the information that we received from Indonesian media institutions, Indonesia Investments advises foreigners to stay away from (possible) demonstrations in the bigger cities in Indonesia in the days ahead.

A detailed story about the KPU data will become available in our May 2019 research report, while our April 2019 report contains an elections special that discusses Indonesia's political system, the run-up to the 2019 elections, developments on Election Day, and much more. You can purchase these reports by sending an email to info@indonesia-investments.com or a WhatsApp message to the following number: +62(0)8788.410.6944

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