Senior party officials Jero Wacik, E.E. Mangindaan, Amir Syamsuddin, Roy Suryo and Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono were also present at the announcement.

With the additional support of the Democratic Party, Prabowo Subianto can now rely on the support of the following political parties: Golkar, Gerindra, Democratic Party (PD), National Mandate Party (PAN), Justice Development Party (PPP) and Prosperous Justice Party (PKS). Combined, these parties received 57.66 percent of the vote in the April 2014 legislative election.

This decision of the Democratic Party is another blow for the other presidential candidate, Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo, who has seen his lead in the popularity polls declining in recent weeks.

Indonesian Legislative Election 2014:

       Percentage      Absolute
 PDI-P         18.95%     23,681,471
 Golkar         14.75%     18,432,312
 Gerindra         11.81%     14,760,371
 PD         10.19%     12,728,913
 PKB          9.04%     11,298,957
 PAN          7.59%      9.481.621
 PKS          6.79%      8,480,204
 NasDem          6.72%      8,402,812
 PPP          6.53%      8,157,488
 Hanura          5.26%      6,579,498
 PBB          1.46%      1,825,750
 PKPI          0.91%      1,143,094