First of all, the first two (vice) presidential debates were held in December 2023 (on 12 and 22 December 2023), and this gave us a great opportunity to see how the three pairs are able to express their ambitions and visions. Moreover, also for swing voters (and others who are still in doubt) these debates can be decisive for their choice.

Based on these first two debates as well as on various other statements expressed by the pairs (and recorded by Indonesian media), we found the following visions of the pairs (we largely ignore those visions/ambitions that shared by all pairs).

Anies Baswedan–Muhaimin Iskandar:

Their key point seems to be that law is not functioning properly in Indonesia. Law is regarded as a tool that can be used (and abused) by those in power. And so, this pair proposes a fairer legal system that guarantees law enforcement for all, and one that does not make law enforcers a tool of those in power. This would then also improve investment realization across Indonesia. Related to this, Baswedan argues that the state of democracy is weak in Indonesia (for example, there currently is basically no opposition in Indonesia’s House of Representatives, DPR, as most big parties joined the ruling coalition). Among his solutions is a revision of the law that regulates the Corruption Eradication Commission (or KPK) in order for this institution to regain its strength.


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