On the official website of this project it was mentioned that - per day - more than 230 new cars and almost 900 new motorcycles enter the roads of Jakarta. As the traffic congestion situation has already reached alarmingly levels for many years and the government is seemingly reluctant to lower gasoline subsidies or invest in public transportation, these flyover roads - above current important artery roads - are regarded as the best solution. The project is funded by the Jakarta Local Budget (Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Daerah, APBD).

Antasari - Blok M Flyover

Antasari Blok M Flyover Jakarta Indonesia InvestmentsThe Antasari - Blok M flyover is located in South Jakarta, the third most populous among the five cities of the Jakarta Special District. The total length of this flyover will be 4.846 meters while its width will be 17.5 meters. Vertical distance from the existing road is around ten meters. The whole project should have been realized within one year and 7.5 months (followed by a maintenance period of 180 days). However, it took nearly three years to be completed.

The track of the Antasari - Blok M flyover was divided in five packages, each with a different contractor (all state-owned):

  Area    Length      Costs Contractor
Package 1 Pasar Cipete 1,170 meter  $33.9 million PT Pembangunan Perumahan
Package 2 Cipete Utara    803 meter  $26.5 million PT Yasa Patria Perkasa
Package 3 Taman Brawijaya    926 meter  $27.0 million  PT Hutama Karya & Nindya Karya 
Package 4 Prapanca 1,062 meter  $26.7 million  PT Modern Lampiri 
Package 5 Lapangan Mabak    904 meter  $26.9 million PT Waskita 

Source: www.antasariblokm.com

Kampung Melayu - Tanah Abang Flyover

Kampung Melayu Tanah Abang Flyover Jakarta Indonesia Investments This flyover road will connect Kampung Melayu in East Jakarta to Tanah Abang in Central Jakarta. It will have a length of around 2.5 kilometers and combined costs of around USD $85 million. Similar to the Antasari - Blok M flyover, this road will have an altitude of ten meters above the existing road and was fully completed in 2014.

The Kampung Melayu - Tanah Abang flyover is divided in three packages, each carried out by a different contractor:

  Area    Length      Costs Contractor
Package 1 Casablanca 1,125 meter $34.9 million PT. Wijaya Karya & PT. Jaya konstruksi
Package 2 Satrio    850 meter $23.9 million PT. Adhi Karya
Package 3 Mas Mansyur    725 meter $23.3 million PT. Istaka Karya

Source: www.sudirman-casablanca.com