Police Office: Reporting Letter (STM)

After the expatriate has entered Indonesia, the expatriate must report to the police office in order to obtain a Reporting Letter (STM). The STM is used by the police office to monitor the expatriate in Indonesia. The STM is used based on Operational Guidelines of the Indonesia Police Chief Number Pol:JUKLAK/09/II/1995 Concerning Monitoring.

Department of Demography and Civil Registration: Certificate of Temporary Residence (SKTT) and Resident Civil Registration Certificate (SKPPS)

Certificate of Temporary Residence

According to article 20 (1) and (2) Law Number 24 of 2013 in conjunction with Law Number 23 of 2006 Concerning Administration of Population (Law 24/2013) (i) expatriates who hold a KITAS who come from abroad; and (ii) expatriates who held another permit and which have changed of the status to KITAS holder, who have plans to reside in the territory of Indonesia, shall report to the Implementing Institution no later than 14 (fourteen) days to get Certificate of Temporary Residence (SKTT).

Certificate of Civil Registration Resident

According to the article 4 (2) Regulation of President Number 25 of 2008 Concerning Requirements and Procedures for the Registration of Population and Civil Registration (PR 25/2008), expatriates who hold a KITAS and Permanent Stay Permit shall report to the Implementing Institution to be recorded its identity. The Implementing Institution shall issue the Resident Civil Registration Certificate (SKPPS).

Department of Labor: The Whereabouts Report (L/K)

According to the Article 2 of Regulation of Internal Affairs Number 50 of 2010 Concerning Guidelines For Monitoring Expatriate In The Region, the monitoring of expatriate is implemented based on the whereabouts and the activities of both the expatriate and the company. The whereabouts report (L/K) must be reported by the company in the Department of Labor which is located in the area where the company is operational.


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