Personalized Recommendations

AI can offer and show personalized recommendations to users. Machine Learning, which is a branch of AI, enables software applications to predict an outcome of something based on previous learning, previous data, and algorithms. In the e-commerce business, machine learning can be used to offer personalized recommendations to the customers based on their habits, their previous purchases, and their interests based on search history.

If configured properly, ML can analyze the shopping behaviors of the customers and offer them a customized and personalized shopping experience. For instance, if a user is searching for Scrabble Word Finder or board games then ML can recommend him/her the Words with Friends which is a related product. This enables online retailers to pair up similar products and offer promotions to individual customers to improve both their sales and overall customer experience. 

Improved Search Tools

A thing that is gaining widespread popularity in the e-commerce industry all over the world is the integration of voice and image search tools into e-commerce websites. Using voice and image search tools, customers can search for a product using their voice or a similar image to find the product that they are looking for.

Customers can click on the microphone icon in the search box tray to search for a particular product using their voice or they can upload or take a snap of the product that they are looking for and AI will then show all the similar and related products based on the data from the image that you uploaded. These features are already popular in online stores like Amazon and AliExpress. 

Efficient Inventory and Warehouse Management

With the help of AI, inventory and warehouse management also becomes much easier. There are now AI-powered forecasting solutions available in the industry that can help retailers to keep a track of their supplies. They do so by analyzing the current sales trends and consumers’ behavior and then forecasting whether a particular product will soon run out of stock or will be overstocked. 

Plus, there is also a trend going around of deploying AI robots in warehouses, and these robots are programmed to retrieve a product when an order is placed or store an item once it is delivered to the warehouse. These robots are facilitating the retailers with product dispatch and delivery, making the whole process much faster and more efficient.

Improved Customer Service

E-commerce businesses can also use AI-powered chatbots in order to provide better customer support to customers. These chatbots can be programmed accordingly to facilitate the customers and also free up customer service representatives for simple questions such as when will my order be delivered or when will it be available again? These questions can stimulate conversations with a live agent and also take their time for nothing, whereas, with AI-powered bots, these can be answered without stimulating a chat session with a customer service representative.

This will allow the customer service representative to focus on addressing more complex issues or high-level complaints, which is a win-win for both the company and also for the customers. 

If you learn how to use AI and ML correctly then the technologies can help your business grow by a lot. AI is an innovative technology that can enhance your business operations and improve your profits by a lot.