People might think of factories and these kinds of facilities when considering Asian industry, and things like car making (many Asian countries are among the biggest when it comes to building and exporting cars) but new technologies are changing things all over the world, and tech-savvy companies in Asia are helping to lead the way.


Blockchain technology is changing a lot of different industries. For some, it has become a buzzword for something they don’t really understand, but more people are getting their heads around the benefits of blockchain, which can ensure secure and tamper-proof digital ledgers.

Crypto has used blockchain to become a multi-billion-dollar industry, and proven blockchain’s influence in finance, where it forms a foundation for cryptocurrencies and is used for secure and efficient transactions.

Blockchain is changing businesses in many parts of the world. Casinos and gambling are popular in Asia and though it may not have been the first thought when blockchain tech was invented, it has become a leader in terms of using this technology. Cryptocurrency casinos are growing rapidly because of the fact that they offer a chance for players to explore modern online casino games using crypto. Classic games have been adapted for people to use cryptocurrency as the payment method, though the games themselves are pretty much the same.

Blockchain doesn’t just have uses for driving currency, supply chain management is another area where blockchain is making an impact. Tracing goods from origin to destination is the main use, which is a way of ensuring authenticity and trying to clamp down on any sort of fraud – with so many goods originating in Asia before being sent elsewhere, this is super useful in these countries.

Ledger technology is changing everything for loads of businesses and we’ve provided examples like casinos and supply chains – there are a lot of others. Some people speculate that blockchain will continue to alter pretty much everything in business.

Machine Learning and AI

Asia is one of the hubs of AI. Look outside of the US and you’ll see top universities in the Asian countries providing a lot of courses and helping drive AI professionals.

AI has become huge for a lot of different industries such as e-commerce where it can provide things like product personalization. Machine learning has been used by shopping giants like Amazon for a long time – how do you think they are so good at recommending things you might like?

University rankings show that Asia has some of the top 50 locations for learning about machine learning and AI, so the countries that make up the continent will continue to have a massive impact.

AI ties so closely with a lot of industries, and currently people are starting to unlock potential uses like improved customer service in industries ranging from retail to healthcare – chatbots are getting better all the time.

Plus, AI is playing a significant role in research and development, particularly in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology as it can process masses of data very quickly. We’re seeing that AI helps in drug discovery and genetic research, which is just one example.


Robotics is a field linking closely with AI. This is an area that can make a lot of changes to daily life for pretty much all of us. Pricing is currently a big issue in robotics, and it is expensive to produce robots, but they’re capable of some amazing things. Demos show us that robots are able to do more than just wash the dishes, too.

Asian companies are known for playing a massive role in the research and development of robotics and Japan and South Korea are renowned for their robotic technologies, which are already used a lot in manufacturing.

Asia provides the world’s biggest market for robots at the moment. Robots are actually put into action in areas like manufacturing and help to drive the economy in Asia already.

The agriculture sector is also witnessing a robotics revolution which is addressing labor shortages and improving yield and productivity.


News outlets seem to run stories every day about how new technologies are changing the world of business, and the wider world. People see these impacts in their daily lives and may have already been impacted in their careers by things like robotics and machine learning.

Blockchain is another area where people are reaping benefits brought about by technological changes, keeping people a lot more secure in some areas like transferring funds and even verifying stock.