It is important for brands to keep up with the latest marketing trends in the Indonesian market. Navigating in a new market that has a different culture and language can be challenging to international companies. Partnering with a marketing agency can help to create a perfect local marketing strategy.

When picking up a marketing agency it is important to look for an agency that fits your campaign needs. Are you interested in digital advertising, social media marketing or digital billboards? Finding an agency that has experience in a relative marketing field is the key to success.

In this article, we hand-picked the best marketing agencies in Indonesia so that you can find the right marketing agency for your needs. Selected marketing agencies specialize in many fields such as digital marketing, influencer marketing, offline advertising, public relations, and so on. Let us take a look:

1. AJ Marketing

AJ Marketing is the best marketing agency in Indonesia. AJ Marketing specializes in influencer marketing, online advertising, performance marketing, creative production, PR, SEO, digital billboard and celebrity licensing.

According to AJ Marketing’s CEO Arthur Sabalionis: “Our mission is to help international companies to succeed in Indonesia. To learn more about marketing & advertising trends in Indonesia, we recommend checking AJ Marketing’s blog or reach out to us directly.”

In addition to Indonesia, AJ Marketing has local teams in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

AJ Marketing partnered with Byte Dance, the company behind the social media app TikTok. AJ Marketing and TikTok launched a social media campaign with a goal to promote new TikTok features. This campaign included influencers of various categories: lifestyle, music, beauty, gaming, travel and more. Campaign reached 30 million people and accelerated TikTok’s transition from content platform to e-commerce platform.

2. Blackstone Digital Agency

Founded in 2012, Blackstone is a digital marketing and PR agency in Indonesia which is known to be one of the fastest growing local agencies to enter the global market. They provide services such as creative design, campaign management, PR and social media, and SEO.

As a well-known performance-driven agency, Blackstone has worked with brands such as Sinarmas Land, La Senza, and BMW Indonesia.

Their latest partnership was with PT Tesla Indonesia. The independent geophysical company appointed Blackstone for their technology development and PR marketing strategy. The director is amazed at how Blackstone’s work represents an international digital agency.

3. Mullenlowe Lintas Indonesia

Mullenlowe Lintas Indonesia is an integrated marketing communications agency which focuses on brand strategy, communications planning, and through-the-line advertising. Their expertise has awarded them the Creative Agency Awards 2018 by YouTube Pulse Indonesia and Citra Pariwara awards in 2017.

Headquartered in South Jakarta, this agency has been chosen by XL, Garuda Indonesia, and Bango.

Bango partnered with Mullenlowe Lintas Indonesia to create the creative advertisement “Pangan Lestari”.

4. Leo Burnett Indonesia

Striving to make brands popular, Leo Burnett Group Indonesia is a multi-channel marketing agency specializing in advertising, digital marketing, social media and content marketing, retail marketing, and reputation management.

With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, Leo Burnett Group Indonesia has worked with multiple local and international brands such as Coca Cola, Telkomsel, and McDonald’s. They were also awarded by Citra Pariwara for Best of Outdoor, Best of Integrated Campaign, and Best of Radio.

For Telkomsel’s 15th Anniversary, Leo Burnett created an interactive logo of QR codes. Customers can scan and download 15 freebies daily. 6.7 million downloads was recorded in the course of 3 weeks.

5. Imogen PR Agency

Imogen PR Agency is a public relations consultancy in Jakarta founded in 2006.

For more than 15 years in the PR industry, Imogen is one of the top 5 independent PR agencies in Indonesia. Their expertise include public relations, government relations, policy, and issues management. They also provide services in marketing, public relations, and content creation.

They have worked with big brands across Indonesia such as Unilever, Intel, and Grohe. With Unilever, Imogen PR Agency created an influencer marketing campaign to promote the Magnum Cafe. Magnum Cafe received broad media coverage and social media visibility. The number of visitors was also enormous.

6. Aitindo

Aitindo is a full-service digital creative agency from developing strategy to final reporting. Their services include video production, KOL & Digital placements, content building, website and app development, and creative campaigns.

In 2016, Aitindo received a Social Media Marketing Award by Media Wave and Marketing Magazine.

Amid COVID 19 pandemic, Samsung and Aitindo created a virtual home concert featuring Marcel and Kunto Aji. The virtual concert was aired through YouTube livestream. This concert was to promote Samsung’s washing machine and AC. This campaign brought 1.2 million new subscribers for Samsung Indonesia’s YouTube.

7. Future Creative Network

Established in 2016, Future Creative Network is an advertising agency in Indonesia that was awarded as “Ad Agency of The Year” by Citra Pariwara in 2018. It is also the first local agency to win D&AD Award in 2020.

With a growth rate of 2,975%, FCN focuses on producing creative contents and technology to help brands reach their fullest potential. With more than 4 years of experience, FCN has worked with multiple brands such as Djarum, Tokopedia, and XL.

During the annual Idul Fitri, FCN and XL created a social campaign preventing people from commuting back to their hometown due to COVID 19. They used Twitter API to reply tweets with the word “mudik” (In English: Commuting back to their hometown). The reply will refer them to a website encouraging them to stay at home.

8. Bounche

Bounche is a creative digital agency specializing in UX design and digital strategy. With a regional network in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia, they have worked with brands such as CIMB Niaga, Kalbe, and Nissan.

Their services include integrated digital activation, content development, technology development, and digital media buying. With more than 10 years of experience, Bounche offers unique online experiences utilizing creative approach and social media services.

In 2017, Bounche created TVCs and digital videos to promote CIMB Niaga’s new brand positioning. The advertisement and videos are based on the “Forward” message which was tailored to different consumer segments.

9. SAB

SAB is a marketing agency in Jakarta with a specialty in web design and digital marketing. Their digital marketing services include SEO, paid advertising, social media marketing, and email marketing. With more than 100 projects and 60 clients, SAB has worked with Telkom, Waskita, and Bosch.

SAB Indonesia partnered with Shopified for web development. SAB inserted case studies and minimal design for the website to deliver the best user interface. Shopified gained almost 50% of conversion rate, 211% website traffic, and 320% online sales revenue.

10. Next Digital

Next Digital is a digital marketing agency based in Jakarta which specializes in paid search marketing. Established in 2013, this digital agency is Yahoo/Bing certified professional and an authorized reseller of Google. Moreover, they also provide services such as SEO, G Suite, social media marketing, web development, and mobile app marketing.

With more than 7 years of experience, Next Digital have worked with various brands across industries such as Kinder, Frui, and Fitness First. Next Digital created a digital campaign for Fitness First in partnership with BioScore Test. The campaign was placed on Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google Display Network, and SEM. This digital campaign generated 600 new leads in less than 2 months. With more than 50,000 clicks and 500,000 thousand impressions.

11. Whello Indonesia

Whello is a full-service digital marketing agency covering SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Website development. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Whello has local Indonesian offices in Bali and Pekanbaru.

Their team consists of digital specialists, web designers, and copywriters that will help brands to create the best digital strategy.

With more than 5 years of experience, Whello has worked with multiple brands such as Red & White, Zero Waste, and Bali Rides.

For Red & White, Whello created a website for customers to easily seek products they are looking for. Whello also helped with the website’s SEO. Red & White’s website successfully appeared in the first Google SERP after 4-6 months.

12. PIAR Consulting

PIAR Consulting is a public relations agency founded in 2011. This local agency specializes in creating PR campaigns that communicate the client’s identity to suit their target audience. Their services include launches, brand building, crisis management, and media monitoring.

Today, PIAR Consulting has handled more than 200 events in 3 years with more than 25 clients across the industry sectors. They have worked with brands such as Nike, Permata Bank, Tiket.Com, and 3 (Tri).

In 2019, PIAR Consulting and PermataBank created a talk show to promote the PermataKPR iB Wise launch. The talk show was attended by Permata Bank’s banking director and head of mortgage. This event gained large media exposure.

13. Growinc Group Indonesia

Growinc Group Indonesia is a full-service advertising agency group headquartered in South Jakarta. Founded in 2012, this agency has 3 subsidiaries: Growmint for digital marketing services, NATA Software House for technology and platform developments, and Nesvara for branding strategies.

This agency has worked with many local and international brands in Indonesia such as: Laurier, Domino’s Pizza, Aqua, and Honda. Through Nesvara, they were responsible for Gojek’s Go Food Festival in more than 10 spots across Indonesia.

With the implementation of marketing strategies and strong insight analysis, their team is focused to give brands the best business solutions and achieve higher impact.

14. Ozzigeno Studio Digital Agency

Ozzigeno is an Indonesian creative digital agency in North Jakarta, established in 2011. They specialize in social media planning, creative strategy, digital media marketing, and data insights.

Their talented team members are driven to deliver the best creative solutions for their clients, as their tagline is “breathe creativity and exhale great results”.

Their portfolio includes creating annual campaigns and digital strategy for brands in Indonesia such as Safi, Vitalis, Milkuat, and Bio-essence.

To increase brand awareness, Ozzigeno created a website and social media account for Safi. They also created a skin analyzer for customers to find the best match. Moreover, they worked with KOLs to raise awareness for Safi’s products. The campaign gained 41% of media awareness and 40,000 website monthly visitors.

15. BLUWave.ID

Founded in 2017, is a digital marketing agency in South Jakarta, which focuses on SEO, online advertising, content marketing, social media, and analytics. Their marketing consultants are certified by SEMRush, HubSpot, BrightEdge, and Google.

Their vision is to help brands maximize their digital marketing effort by using tangible measurements and marketing technologies. They are driven to rank businesses as #1 on Google SERP, maximise social media performance, and developing a measurable marketing campaign.

BLUWave.ID have also worked with giant brands in Indonesia, such as LinkAja!, Bank BRI, Philips, Pringles, Eskulin, and Garuda Indonesia. BLUWave.ID is currently working on a campaign with Philips to promote various products. The campaign involves influencer marketing, live streaming, and YouTube marketing.

16. ChubbyRawit

Founded in 2016, ChubbyRawit is a digital agency in South Jakarta with a vision to help SMEs become bigger businesses. This agency is named after the famous Indonesian spice “Cabe Rawit”, which suits their agency’s identity to deliver the hottest campaigns and hit every aspect.

They focus on delivering digital marketing solutions such as SEO and content marketing, branding, social media management, online advertising and marketing, web development, and digital marketing training.

17. Contendr

Contendr is an Indonesian content marketing agency founded in 2015. Their services include editorial and social media planning, content productions (copywriting, advertorials, articles, direct emails, video, and social media contents), and community management.

They have worked with popular brands such as Bye Bye Fever. In order to increase awareness, Contendr created social media contents to engage mothers as their main target audience and community management.


Indonesia is the largest and fastest growing market in South East Asia. Indonesia is also digitalising at a mindblowing pace. It is a home to unicorn tech startups such as GoJek and Tokopedia.

Due to a constantly changing market environment, marketing in Indonesia can be challenging.

Working with a local agency will not only help to better localize marketing strategy but also to avoid mistakes, save time and resources.

We hope this list of marketing agencies in Indonesia can help you find the right agency for your brand needs.

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