Industry Sector Property, Real Estate & Construction
Industry Sub Sector Property & Real Estate
Established 20 July 1987
Listed 24 July 1997
Listed Company Code LPCK
Listed Shares 696,000,000
Dividend No
Major Shareholders (>5%) Kemuning Satiatama (42.20%)
Metropolis Propertindo Utama (11.68%)
Key Subsidiaries Great Jakarta Inti Development
Kreasi Dunia Keluarga
Tirtasari Nirmala
Chandra Mulia Adhidharma
Tunas Pundi Bumi

Stock Quote Lippo Cikarang - LPCK:

Business Summary

The company’s core business involves urban development, which includes the development of real estate and industrial estate, development of both infrastructure and public facilities, provision of supporting services, and investing, either directly or indirectly through subsidiaries or joint ventures with other parties.

Starting in the early 1990s, Lippo Cikarang converted a sleeping landbank in Cikarang at the east of Jakarta (Bekasi) into a comprehensive township, complete with industrial and residential areas as well as supporting infrastructure and services. This area, where the company owns 3,000 hectares of land, became known as Lippo Cikarang. At end 2012, 2,700 hectares have been developed; about 1,000 hectares were converted into residential zones and another 1,000 hectares into industrial zones. The residential zones, having about 40,000 inhabitants, include 12,000 houses, two apartment towers, and 800 shophouses (ruko). The industrial zones include 700 light industrial companies that comply with pollution free policies.

Industrial Division

Lippo Cikarang's industrial division remains the largest contributor to the company's growth. Due to growing foreign interest in Indonesia's industrial sector as well as a rapidly growing middle class segment and general robust macroeconomic growth of the country, land prices in Cikarang have risen considerably, which increases the company's profitability. According to the company, Lippo Cikarang has a competitive advantage over competitors, because it provides large ready-for-building estates, supported by residential and commercial conveniences.

Commercial Division

The Lippo Cikarang area has seen a growing influx of retailers, attracted by the potential consumer boost within its township due to the growing population that is lured by employment opportunities within industrial zones and residential estates.

Residential Division

In line with the continued inflow of foreign companies and Indonesia's expanding middle class, demand for Lippo Cikarang's residential division has grown too. The company offers various residential lines (apartments/ condominiums, houses, and shophouses) for the elite, middle class as well as lower middle income markets of Indonesia's society.

Financial Highlights Lippo Cikarang:

     2014    2015    2016    2017
Revenues 1,803.0 2,120.6 1,544.9
Gross Profit 1,060.0 1,112.4   711.3
Net Income   846.0   915.0   539.8
Operating Income   927.1   914.6   529.7
Income before Tax   944.1   930.5   549.9
Total Assets 4,390.5 5,476.8 5,653.2
Total Liabilities 1,712.4 1,843.5 1,410.5
Profit per Share¹  1,215  1,308   776


     2009    2010    2011    2012
Revenues   323.2   404.7   902.5 1,013.1 1,327.9
Gross Profit   148.2   179.0   388.1   520.3   742.7
Net Income    25.7    65.3   257.7   407.0   590.6
Operating Income    96.2   113.5   312.5   447.1   638.3
Income before Tax    41.2    85.3   301.6   457.6   665.7
Total Assets 1,551.0 1,670.0 2,042.0 2,832.0 3,854.2
Total Liabilities 1,052.6 1,106.2 1,220.5 1,603.5 2,030.7
Profit per Share¹     37     94    370    585    849

in billion IDR Rupiah, unless otherwise stated
¹ in IDR Rupiah
Source: Lippo Cikarang, Annual Report 2016


Contact Details

Easton Commercial Centre
Jalan Gunung Panderman Kav. 05
Lippo Cikarang, Bekasi 17550
Phone: +62 21 897 2484
Fax: +62 21 897 2093