In this article we take a closer look at the situation of open defecation, which is the act of defecating outside (for example in ditches, canals, or fields), in Indonesia. Open defecation - and the lack of sanitation and hygiene in general - causes various diseases, while perpetuating a vicious cycle of disease and poverty.

The WHO notes that those countries where open defecation is most widespread have the highest number of deaths of children aged under five years as well as the highest levels of malnutrition and poverty, and big disparities of wealth.

In Indonesia, it is estimated that some 150,000 children die each year as a consequence of open defecation. Meanwhile, it is estimated that some 84 million people lack access to hygienic sanitation facilities. This is a huge number and therefore deserves the full attention of the government.

The text above is a sneak preview of the article that is included in the November 2018 edition of our research report. This article discusses:

(1) the state of sanitation facilities and open defecation in Indonesia;
(2) the negative consequences of poor sanitation and open defecation on public health.

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