Several sectors that continue to grow from year to year in Yogyakarta are the education sector, tourism, transportation, hospitality (especially in the beach and mountain areas), as well as traditional culinary. These sector will thrive even more when supported by improving infrastructure. In fact, infrastructure development will also impact positively on the development of a friendly communal environment.

I also believe that the development of the aforementioned sectors are helpful to boost revenue for the local government and will lead to the flourishing of organizations as well as individuals.

If we take a look at all corners of Yogyakarta city and explore all five districts, namely Kotamadya, Bantul, Sleman, Gunung Kidul and Kulon Progo, we can see the characteristics and dynamics of each area and determine which sectors are attractive for specific types of investment.

For example, investors are now closely looking at Kulon Progo as a lucrative investment destination due to the construction of the New Yogyakarta International Airport. As a result, the price of land in this area has risen. I frequently visit the area and with each visit I learn that land prices have grown again along with rising infrastructure development in the area.

In my opinion - being a native Yogya citizen who was born and raised in this city - the most attractive sectors for investment are:

Fertilizer industry
Processing of seafood products
Art and craft
Tourist attractions
Boarding houses

This is only a small story about the potential of investment and business in Yogyakarta and I hope it will arouse the spirit to invest here and contribute to a more developed Yogyakarta.

Writer: Riski Prima Sanjaya