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Today's Headlines Yogyakarta

  • Cosy Homestay for Sale in Bantul (Yogyakarta) - Astuti Gallery Homestay

    A homestay in Bantul (in the special region of Yogyakarta, one of the busiest tourist destinations in Indonesia) has just come on the market, and it could be a very interesting investment object for those who are active in the tourism industry (or those who seek to expand their business into the tourism industry).

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  • Volcanic Eruptions in Indonesia: Mount Merapi Erupts Suddenly

    One of Indonesia's most famous volcanoes - the Merapi volcano that is located on the border between Central Java and Yogyakarta - erupted on Friday morning (11/05), spewing ash as high as 5,500 meters into the sky. The sudden eruption of Mount Merapi led to the temporary shutdown of Yogyakarta's Adisutjipto International Airport. Meanwhile, local residents who live within a five kilometer radius of the volcano are forced to evacuate.

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  • Property in Indonesia: Investment in Homestays & Houses in Yogyakarta

    Investment in homestays as well as the value of houses in Yogyakarta have risen significantly after local authorities implemented a moratorium on new hotel development (effective since Jan. 1, 2014 and will last until at least 1 Jan. 2018). The city and province of Yogyakarta, located in the center of Indonesia's Java island, are important tourist destinations. Moreover the city of Yogyakarta is a key student city. Therefore, demand for houses in Yogya (used for the homestay or student accommodation business) has grown.

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  • GVK to Develop New International Airport in Yogyakarta

    India-based conglomerate GVK is ready to invest USD $500 million as part of its commitment to develop a new international airport in Yogyakarta. Karthi Gajendran, President of Airport Development at GVK, said the company sees great potential in the construction of a new airport in Temon (Kulo Progo) near the coastal line in the Indonesian province of Yogyakarta. GVK will create a joint venture with Indonesian state-owned airport operator Angkasa Pura I later this year to develop the new airport.

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Latest Columns Yogyakarta

  • Airports in Indonesia; Yogyakarta International Airport Officially Opened

    On 28 August 2020 Indonesian President Joko Widodo officially opened Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA), a brand new airport that is located in Kulon Progo in the Special Region of Yogyakarta; a region known as one of Indonesia’s main tourism centers. Many in fact call Yogyakarta the ‘heart and soul of Indonesia’.

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  • Airport Infrastructure Development in Indonesia: Bali & Yogyakarta

    The tourism industry of Indonesia is one of the most important industries in terms of the nation's foreign exchange earnings. However, compared to its neighboring countries - specifically Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand - Indonesia lags behind in terms of foreign visitor arrivals. This "failure" is partly attributed to the weak state of Indonesia's infrastructure. This includes the lack of enough airports or the lack of enough aircraft and passenger handling capacity at existing airports.

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  • Opinion Piece: the Potential of Resource Development in Yogyakarta

    In order to boost overall economic expansion as well as growth of several local industries, it is important for the city of Yogyakarta - located in the center of Java island - to see more infrastructure development. The local government has the crucial task to either invest directly in infrastructure development or to encourage private investment in infrastructure development by safeguarding a conducive regulatory environment and attractive investment environment.

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