During today's trading day, the IHSG reached its highest level (5,026.92) in the middle of session one, and its lowest level (4,973.58) just before pre-closing. At the end of the trading day, Indonesia's main index stood at 4,996.92, a 0.03 percent decrease. Trade volume and total value of transactions fell, with foreign investors mostly buying Indonesian stocks, while domestic investors mostly sold theirs.

The IDR Rupiah was not able to continue its rebound after being dragged down by the weakening Japanese Yen (in the last G20 meeting, the member countries accepted Japan's stimulus program). The sharp fall of the Yen has succeeded in causing the US dollar to rebound. Previously, the US dollar weakened as it had been expected that the Federal Reserve will maintain its bond-buying program. But the Rupiah's fall was limited as sentiments surrounding Italy's second round parliamentary vote were stable, and because it was reported that Q1-2013 foreign direct investment (FDI) in Indonesia has grown 27.2 percent (YoY) to USD $6.7 billion.

| Source: Bank Indonesia

Asian stock indices were mixed, while China's index fell due to concerns about the consequences of the earthquake in the Sichuan province, which has already taken the lives of 186 people. Insurance stocks led the fall. Along with the weakening Yen, the Nikkei index gained.